Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

CBS (ended 1998)


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  • I never thought I could watch a show like this, but it is the most heart warming, influential, passionate show I have ever watched. . .

    When my sister first brought home the first season of Dr. Quiinn, I wasn't really interested. It looked like one of those really boring, historical shows that only the people living in those times could appreciate.
    Then, when I actually found the patience to sit down and watch it, I was heart stricken. How much that woman had to go through, just to gain the respect of the townspeople, not only as a lady, but as a doctor. Then, there's the fight against racism, and against their own ego's. I've never seen such a show as this, but I think I managed to watch an entire season of it in one day. It's a shame that it's no longer on tv, but I'm still excited about seeing more, when my sister gets it.