Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

CBS (ended 1998)


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  • It's such a heartwarming and sweet thing to watch and it's a shame these types of shows are hardly made any more.

    This was the show i use to like to watch if I was off school ill when I was little. I recently remembered this by chance and thought I'd look it up on youtube to see if I could see any clips, but the full seasons were uploaded to my delight. Over time I have been watching all the old episodes and it has been lovely thing to watch. I have been amused to see Brian growing throughout the show and the relationships between all the characters.

    In the beginning Dr Mike was not having an easy time, as women did not generally have medical degrees or any important qualifications of the kind, but she was determined that she could fight to be accepted into a small town. After a woman died she was asked to look after her three children, Matthew, Coleen and Brian. Dr Mike had no knowledge of how to look after the children, but it's be fun to watch her in the first season getting used to it. Over the seasons they become a very tightly knit family, resulting in them seeing her as their mother. The children mean everything to Dr Mike and Sully and have saved them on many occasions.

    Coleen has developed a love for medicine and has helped Dr Mike on many occasions. As she got older she decided to follow dr mikes footsteps in medicine, but it proves difficult once she tries to get a job due to the sexist views at the time. Dr. Mike and Sully have had chemistry since the beginning, however it had taken them ages to accept their feelings. They have come across many obstacles in their relationship, but when things get rough they have always looked after on another. This show is sweet on many levels and its hard to see things like this anymore. It is nice to watch with many interesting events that unfold in the episodes. Well-worth watching for all those who is a romantic like me :D