Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman - Season 4

CBS (ended 1998)


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Episode Guide

  • The Expedition (2)
    The Expedition (2)
    Episode 9
    Dorothy, Myra and Grace realize they are quitting and they're letting Mike down, so they decide to go back. They find her injured with a broken arm. Mike can't go to the top of the mountain anymore, but she encourages the others to make it to the top for her. Meanwhile back in town, Preston plots to guild a hotel-casino with help from his "partner" Jake; and Robert E is bothered by an encounter with a bounty hunter.moreless
  • Brother's Keeper
    Brother's Keeper
    Episode 4
    Brian goes off fishing and Pup is bitten by a rabid raccoon. Sully and Mike insist on locking Pup in a pen until they know if he's been infected. Ingrid, feeling bad for Brian, offers to refill Pup's water dish and is bit when after Pup lunges at her. Ingrid soon develops symptoms and Dr. Mike knows there is nothing that can be done.moreless
  • Dead or Alive (1)
    Dead or Alive (1)
    Episode 17
    Sully pursues a renegade mountain man who has kidnapped senator Leonard's son, in protest of the Senator's support of Colorado statehood. Meanwhile, Dr. Mike is forced to stop her practice when her schedule threatens her pregnancy.
  • Mothers and Daughters
    Mike is overwhelmed with her new found passion for Sully, and feeling slighted, Colleen joins her schoolmates for dangerous and questionable escapades.
  • Dead or Alive (2)
    Dead or Alive (2)
    Episode 18
    The rescuers get ugly after Leonard offers a bounty for the mountain man, so Sully sets off alone.
  • When a Child is Born (2)
    Wounded Sully must deliver Mike's baby. Dr. Cook is forced to perform a major operation. Katie Sully: Alexandria, McKenzie and Megan Calabrese.
  • When a Child is Born (1)
    Dr. Mike prepares for the birth of her baby. Mike's family arrives for the impending birth of Mike and Sully's baby, bringing along a new young doctor (Brandon Douglas) to help deliver the baby. Meanwhile, Sully is hurt while trying to rescue Cloud Dancing and others from Sgt. O'Connor (Patrick Kilpatrick) and his patrol.moreless
  • One Touch of Nature
    One Touch of Nature
    Episode 10
    At Thanksgiving, Mike faces the possibility that she might be infertile, while Jake struggles with the fact that he has no family to share the day with. Brian becomes attached to the Thanksgiving main course.
  • Reunion
    Episode 22
    Dr. Mike's joyful reunion with a college friend soon turns competitive; Dorothy struggles with a new press.
  • Traveling All-Stars
    The town invites a traveling all-star baseball team for a fundraising event, but later suspects that they have been swindled.
  • Hell on Wheels
    Hell on Wheels
    Episode 11
    The family finds Matthew running a saloon at a railroad camp where his grief over Ingrid's death drives him to volunteer for a dangerous blasting job. Loren loses Dorothy's money for a new printing press. Peter Chow: Eric Michael Zee.
  • Halloween III
    Halloween III
    Episode 5
    An elderly man comes to town with hopes that the natural spring will help his rheumatism. Dr. Mike can't convince Sully to plan for the Halloween festivities.
  • Deal with the Devil
    Deal with the Devil
    Episode 19
    The Reverend mortgages the church to Hank to get money to make church repairs in order to impress his mentor Rev. Thomas. Rev. Thomas: Fred Rogers. Mr. James: Max Gail.
  • A New Life
    A New Life
    Episode 1
    The honeymoon is over for Mike and Sully as the newlyweds must adjust to life in a changing Colorado Springs where a bullish Boston Brahman named Preston A. Lodge III establishes the towns first bank.
  • The Ice Man Cometh
    The Ice Man Cometh
    Episode 16
    Two men con the people of Colorado Springs by selling shares in a nonexistent home regrigeration company to the people. Michaela and the Reverend go to Denver to help an orphanage. While they are in Denver, they run across the con men and save the day.
  • Dorothy's Book
    Dorothy's Book
    Episode 6
    Dorothy Jennings' book about her experiences in Colorado Springs becomes a best seller, but it angers townsfolk.
  • The Expedition (1)
    The Expedition (1)
    Episode 8
    Dr. Mike celebrates her birthday by climbing Pikes Peak with Dorothy, Grace and Myra, but ends up injured and alone when her companions turn back.
  • Promises, Promises
    Promises, Promises
    Episode 7
    Loren proposes to Dorothy but suffers a stroke before she can give him an answer. Meanwhile, Sully feels obliged to act upon an old friend's written request to help him set up a mining operation in Nevada.
  • Eye for an Eye
    Eye for an Eye
    Episode 20
    A stranger rapes a young girl and kills an old man and is sentenced to hang. Colleen, and later Michaela, questions whether or not it is wrong. However, Matthew, feeling like he has to prove himself as sheriff, shocks everyone by performing the deed.
  • One Nation
    One Nation
    Episode 26
    Cloud Dancing, seeking to bring peace among the warring tribes at the reservation, is arrested and put on trial, with Sully as his defender, when he confesses to killing a soldier on the reservation.
  • Fifi's First Christmas
    As Colorado Springs prepares for Christmas, the family receives a rambunctious toy poodle from Mike's mother in Boston, and Brian has a case of puppy love for a new girl in town. The Rev. Johnson recruits folk for a Nativity pageant. Sara Sheehan: Jann Michaels. Mrs. Sheehan: Susanna Thompson.
  • Change of Heart
    Change of Heart
    Episode 13
    Robert E and Grace want to adopt a young boy who is suffering from a disease Mike can't diagnose (sickle cell anemia). Meanwhile the town believes Matthew should start dating again and sets him up on a series of blind dates.
  • Last Chance
    Last Chance
    Episode 24
    A renegade stabs Cloud Dancing, and Emma has a tumor, so Mike cannot slow down before the baby is born.
  • Hearts and Minds
    Hearts and Minds
    Episode 21
    The Reverend starts a school for children on the Indian reservation, but trouble arises when the he angers Cloud Dancing by trying to make the Indian children like "white" children. Also, Brian wants Anthony to attend the Colorado Springs school, but Grace is strangely hesitant.
  • If You Love Someone
    If You Love Someone
    Episode 15
    Matthew falls for an independent young woman, but the fact that she's a prostitute complicates their blooming romance. Meanwhile, Preston offers Myra a job at the bank, but Horace opposes her taking it. Emma: Charlotte Chatton.
  • Woman of the Year
    Woman of the Year
    Episode 23
    Mike is nominated for Colorado Woman of the Year (1871) by a Denver suffragette organization, but she has trouble living up to everyone's expectations. Also, Hank's Nana (grandmother) visits, and Hank tries to keep up a false pretense of the life he told his Nana he was living.
  • Tin Star
    Tin Star
    Episode 14
    Increasing lawlessness in Colorado Springs sparks a demand for a new sheriff, and Matthew feels he's just the man for the job. Meanwhile, Brian succumbs to peer pressure shoplifting a toy train from Loren's store. Zachary Brett: Travis Tritt. Charles: John Christian Graas.
  • Fear Itself
    Fear Itself
    Episode 25
    A young female painter arrives in Colorado Springs and catches the heart of Preston, but is shunned by he and the town when it's revealed that she is carrying misunderstood disease.