Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

Season 6 Episode 4

The Comfort of Friends

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Oct 18, 1997 on CBS



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    • Writers comments for "The Comfort of Friends"

      Dr. Mike is always a tower of strength and a source of support for her family and friends. Now, with Sully a fugitive and the violence between the army and the Indians permeating the town, Mike has good reason to feel anxious, but still tries to stay confident and to keep everyone else's spirits up. But other than Sully, to whom does Mike turn for solace and reassurance? No one.

      We decided to explore this aspect of Mike's character in The Comfort of Friends. We put Mike in a stressful and emotionally charged situation --while Sully is away in the Indian territory, she miscarries an unexpected pregnancy. At first, Mike responds in typical fashion -- she deals with her grief privately and assures Dorothy and Grace that "everything is under control." But they are determined to let Mike know that she doesn't have to be such a "tough lady" all the time. Mike learns that real strength can lie in admitting vulnerability. Sometimes, all you need is a friend's comforting embrace and a shoulder to cry on.

      Eric Tuchman