Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

Season 4 Episode 2

Traveling All-Stars

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Sep 30, 1995 on CBS

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  • An all-star baseball team comes to town and get more that what they bargained for when taking on Dr. Mike.

    This episode is a delight to watch. There are some goofs within, technical and historical, but they are easily overlooked because this well written episode is so entertaining. The premise of the town fielding a team is a fun one; it's great to see the dynamics at work when deciding who gets to play which position! Preston's a hoot, as usual. And the question of whether or not girls should be allowed to play gives Dr. Mike a chance to teach Colleen a thing or two about equality and men. The story is well plotted and when the show is only half over you begin to wonder what's going on. And then Brian reveals the trickery of the other team quite by accident. It's delightful. Now Michaela's all fired up and the town men are all worn out. It's actually nerve wracking to watch her try to field a team with girls and old men just because she is so determined to get back at Mr. James. And then, of course, Sully to the rescue with the rest of the guys on his heels. Larry Sellars is hilarious as Cloud Dancing steals base after base and does as Sully asks by "rattling his (James') cage". The end is a surprise as well with endless slo-mo of Sully trying, and we think failing, to beat the throw to the plate only to find out that the "ball" is one of Grace's apples. I loved this episode. I love that there was a lot of inside baseball humor, such as references to "replacement players" (this episode aired not long after the 1994 baseball players' strike began) and the naming of the team scene. A truly fun and exciting installment!