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  • Season 6 Episode 22: A New Beginning

  • FLUB: Andrew mentions to Matthew that he wishes his parents were alive to attend his and Colleen's wedding, but in the 2001 movie The Heart Within, his parents are very well alive.

  • The show is canceled after six seasons, much to the dismay of the fans. CBS was flooded with thousands of letters, emails, faxes, and phone calls from angry viewers in protest of the cancellation, but CBS executives stood firm on their decision and did not renew the show for Fall 1998. CBS, however, agreed to two TV movies for the cast to film, one in 1999, and the other in 2001.

  • Season 6 Episode 19: Vengeance

  • In this episode Dr. Mike & Daniel are encouraging Matthew to charge people for the law advice & services he provides. But Matthew says it isn't the same as Dr. Mike being a doctor because she passed a test to become a lawyer, but that "there's not a test to become a lawyer." My curiosity got the best of me and I decided to research the issue. I found that the College of William and Mary established the first chair of law in the US in 1779 and that the first bachelor of law was awarded there in 1793. Law was taught at the college until the Civil War when the school closed; it re-opened in 1920.

    In addition, the University of Georgia School of Law opened just before the Civil War. So I am sure there was a law school operating in the U.S. in the early 1870's, which is when I estimate this episode took place since it was sometime in 1868 when the series started and this episode is near the end of the 6th season.

    Contributor: ilikesully

  • Season 6 Episode 17: Happily Ever After

  • Here is a translation of Doña Verano on Saturday's episode. I am sure this will help in understanding Teresa's aunt's problems with Jake, especially when you consider that Teresa and her family, as well as many of the other Mexicans, were very proud, Catholic, people, and do not take changes to their traditions very lightly.

    Jake - "Pleased to meet you."
    Doña - "No es tu novio. Hasta que estemas de acuermos, que es tu novio."
    (He is not your fiance. Until an agreement can be reached between us, then he will be your fiance.)

    {In the Saloon}

    Teresa - "Tia, Jake and Hank have worked very hard to make this place successful."
    Doña - "¿Una hotel para borachos y prostitutas?"
    (An hotel for drunks and prostitutes?)
    "Primero dejaste a Guillermo que te llenara la cabeza de fantasias y cargar contigo hasta America. America!!" - with disgust
    (First, you allow Guillermo to fill your head with fantasies of carrying you away to America. America!!)
    Hank - "Sounds like she don't care too much for this side of the border."
    Doña - "Ahora, apenas hace un año fallecio Guillermo y ya te quieras casar con uno de ellos."
    (Now, it's scarcely one year after Guillermo's death, and already you want to marry one of them. - speaking of an American)
    Teresa - "Tia, Jake es un hombre muy bueno."
    (Tia, Jake is a very good man.)
    Doña - "Y tu eres una niña muy tonta."
    (And you are a very stupid child.)

    {At the Café, after Jake spoke with the Reverend about being the only one doing the adjusting}

    Jake - "Teresa, Doña Verano, Carlos. I really think we should consider havin' the Reverend to do the wedding."
    Doña - "Ya vez que poco te respeta..."
    (Now, do you see how little he respects you...) - speaking to Teresa
    Jake - "Can you please speak in English?"
    Doña - "I would be happy to speak in English to you, Señor......"

    From there, everything else is spoken in English. I hope this has helped you understand the episode a little better. I know once I heard what Doña Verano had to say, I understood why she was reacting the way she did.

  • Season 6 Episode 12: The Homecoming

  • **FLUB**
    Notice as Brian reads the end of "A Christmas Carol", he is still turned to the front of the book.

  • CBS gives the show a two month break to introduce another western series, The Magnificent Seven, which lasted 2 very short seasons. Jane Seymour is very unhappy about being put on hold for another show to use the time slot that she has had for 6 years.

  • Season 6 Episode 8: A Time to Heal (1)

  • Alicia Hoge, the mother of the little boy, is Jason Leland Adam's wife.

  • Season 6 Episode 1: Reason to Believe

  • When Joe Lando appeared on The Rosie O'Donnell Show the summer before this episode aired, he mentioned that he was offered to eat gummy worms for his scene where he ate worms from a log, but insisted on using live worms.

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