Dr. Shrinker

ABC (ended 1977)





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  • Some of the worst acting you will ever find in a kids show.

    Although overall the acting was terrible at best, and the plot was worn thin in the first 3 minutes of each episode, this show had a certain charm that was more than endearing. Jay Robinson was an absolute genius of a character actor who carried the show with all the style and substance befitting only the greatest of classic horror films. Images of Billy Barty rubbing his little hands together in prospect of finally catching the "Shrinkies" still haunts my nightmares even to this day. The show so was riddled with poor attempts at special effects that even without the actors bad taste in clothing & haircuts, it screams 1970's kitsch through and through.
    Still, an unmissable classic Krofft masterpiece.
  • big fun in little people...

    Sing it: "Dr. Shrinker, Dr. Shrinker, he's a madman with an evil mind!" Likely my favorite Sid & Marty Kroft show theme song (and there are some doozeys to choose from). Throw in 15 minute episode lengths, miniaturized teenagers, some hot Billy Barty midget action and what's not to like? I beg anyone to challenge the amazing output that the Kroft brothers foisted upon a generation of children. How they slipped even half of this stuff by the censors is unknown. Maybe folks were simply not so anal retentive in the mid-seventies? Oh wait... Gerald Ford. I take that back.