Dr. Shrinker

Season 1 Episode 4

The Other Brad

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Unknown on ABC

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  • Due to the terrible acting, this episode was subpar even for this shows already low standards. Ted Eccles offers an even less lackluster performance, but, as always, Jay Robinson makes up for it with his marvelous character acting.

    This episode has Dr. Shrinker creating a robot of shrinkie Brad in hopes of passing it off as an actual shrinkie. This however gives the shrinkies the idea of passing the real Brad off as the robot Brad in order to sneak him off of the island and expose the Dr. as the evil mad scientist that he is. Of course, things dont't work out for Brad or the evil Dr. and they are back to square one by the end of the episode, ready for another 15 minutes of mind numbing episode of this campy children's nightmare of a show. The already terrible acting was brought to new lows by this debacle, although, as always, the masterful acting of Jay Robinson shines through and just barely makes it watchable. Billy Barty spends much of the episode sneering and rubbing his little hands together fiendishly, just like every other formulaic attempt and entertaining pre-schoolers with this pseudo horror comedy kids show.