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    Dr. Snuggles has been impossible to get a hold of for many years, but the complete series was finally released on DVD in the UK in 2005. The complete box set -- 4 DVDs -- is available from Play.com (£17.99) or from the German Amazon (39.99 EUR). That's roughly $33 for the Play.com price and $43 for Amazon.de. Note that German Amazon also carries the German dubbed version so don't get that!

    Play.com carries a note about the region information: "Region 2 - Will only play on European Region 2 or multi-region DVD players." However, a friend of mine ordered the set from Play.com and I borrowed it, and it actually says Region 0 which means that it's playable on any DVD player. Or if you have a region-free DVD player, it won't matter. In any case, be sure to check that your TV is PAL capable.

    As for any bonus material, there isn't much of it. There's a 20-minute documentary/interview with creator Jeffrey O'Kelly, his wife, and their son, who's producing the new Dr. Snuggles episodes (which has been supposed to come out "real soon now" for years). The same documentary and a very small gallery of original drawings is included on every disc of the set.

    As far as I know, the episodes haven't been remastered in any way. But that doesn't mean that the sound or image quality are poor. They just have that certain 1980's videotape feel.

    It's supposedly possible to order the series on VHS through the official website at http://www.doctorsnuggles.com by sending a cheque to Jeffrey O'Kelly's address. But the price is steep ($79 plus postage and shipping) and the forum is filled with people complaining that they never got theirs. I'd definitely warn against trying that! Better to get the DVD set from an established and trustworthy company.
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    Sounds pretty sweet. But how can they justify having to split a series of only 13 episodes between 4 discs? Especially if there's only about 20 minutes of bonus footage and none of it is high-res material.
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