Dr Snuggles

(ended 1981)


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  • Finally found it!

    For many years after I originally saw this program, the image of the Doctor in his rocket and the badger (who I now know was named Dennis) stayed in my mind. I used to ask many people if they knew of a show where there was a character who was a "talking badger who wore blue overalls", but no-one I knew had a clue what I was talking about. [They probably thought I was a bit loopy...] But then one day I decided to search the internet, and I FINALLY found out what the show was called - "Dr Snuggles"!!

    I remember viewing this program on the ABC in Australia. I was only about 5 years old at the time ( - and I remember it airing in the late 80s) but even at that young age still remembered it a decade or two later.

    Dr Snuggles is voiced by Peter Ustinov and is kind of a "psychedelic" show for kids, maybe that is why it was so impressionable to me at such a very young age. As the theme song implies, "he is friend to the animal world" and has many adventures along the way. I bought the boxset off eBay a few years ago, it was great to see it after so long, and now my cousins have started to enjoy watching it as well.
  • A wild old doctor pilots a sort-of time machine, and befriends a talking tree.

    A fantastic old show that I watched in the early 80's on TVOntario. It had a catchy theme song to open up; each episode usually dumped the good Doctor is some heap of family-friendly trouble, which he always seemed to resolve by episode's end. Ustinov adds his considerable voice talents to the many characters on the show.