Dr. Terrible's House of Horrible

Season 1 Episode 4

And Now the Fearing ...

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Dec 03, 2001 on BBC Two

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  • A classic anthology of terror

    Steve Coogan plays a slightly creepy old millionaire called Denholm Denholm who has the misfortune to get into a lift with a arrogant style jorno and a cocky architect.
    As the lift inevitably get stuck, the trio recall their bad dreams.
    In Denholm's dream he looses everything after being caight cheating on his wife and investing in "raw meths" to take advantage of the booming market from the homeless sector.He reckons without a meths workers strike which ruins him and ironically forces him onto the streets to drink meths. He is then run over by his ex wife.

    The narky and annoying journo buys a coffee table (a cursed coffee table) and takes it back to her seventies minimalistic flat.The coffee table shifts positions while shes not looking and eventually after getting rid of her "fondue date" the coffee table descends on her from the ceiling?In the ambulance the dieing journo see a facess lady standing over her before she pops it.

    The architect having just evicted gypsies from the proposed site of denholm's new skyscraper ,Comes back to his office .A fire breaks out as his shadow takes on a life of his own and attacks him.

    Coogan is very creepy in this one and the end is wierdly fantastic.
    Watch enjoy
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