Dracula: The Series

(ended 1991)





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  • With a brilliantly cast Dracula, this is a surprisingly enjoyable show, even for adults.

    This is a children's series but it has a pronounced charm and a quite talented cast which makes it enjoyable, even for adults.

    What makes the series work, though, is the excellent casting of Dracula himself, Geordie Johnson, who plays Lucard with such charisma and wit, not to mention his gorgeous good looks and delightful accent, that he makes up for any deficiencies in the other characters, some of whom can be annoying. There are moments that are surprisingly mature, even touching, and lift it above the usual children's series. Add to that, a wonderful sense of humour and some truly brilliant one-liners and you have a series which is still as enjoyable as when I first watched it as a child.
  • Chris and Max go to live with their stange uncle while their mom travels and works in the world of high finance. This show may be a bit corney but it is fun.

    This show is defintly a \"guily pleasure\". I like it even though I feel like I shouldn\'t. What I think helps out this show a lot is the feeling that even in the show the characters know it is a bit corny. The acting just a little over the top at time and you get the feeling that the actors are giving you a look that says, \"yeah, we know, but what are you going to do\". In the end, you have an half an hour show that you laughed and covered your eyes (because your embarassed that your watching it) but you have it on the next time you get a chance just because its just something you got to see.
  • Drac - Drac - Drac - Drac - Dracula! Fun show with an annoying theme song.

    This was a favorite of mine as a kid. It was probably more of a comedy and adventure with some horror elements to it. Unfortunately there was a lot of cheesiness in it as well. Lucard (Dracula backwards)is not all that frightening a villain, and Max is annoying. The special effects were cheesy, but the strengths of this show were really the locations, sets, and its spin on vampire mythology. I believe it was at least partially shot in Luxembourg, and Lucard's castle was a highlight. The Cross of the Maggyars and Cross of Silesia were quite possibly the two coolest anti-vampire weapons I have ever seen in a show or movie.