Season 1 Episode 2

A Whiff of Sulphur

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Nov 01, 2013 on NBC

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  • oh dear, serious misstep indeed

    Drab, slow, boring second episode. High hopes this series can pick up pace and return to what is so strongly hinted in episode one. On a high note, production sets and costumes, leaves no expense spared.
  • It is getting more interesting, the business part is gineous but there are things holding it back...


    1) I am not into this show yet but what I got so far is that Dracula's wife was killed by some elite club that used to "run" Europe during the Medieval Ages through religion. Actually, his wife must have been accused for practicing magic and she was killed by the local church. Should I am right, I find it extra ironic that Dracula has weakness to religious objects. I understand that the show is a traditional vamp adaptation but they should have some different story about his wife, since it's messing things up.

    2) Acting was mediocre at best for this episode

    3) It's also ironic that the blond female who seems to be a vamp hunter hasn't figured out that Dracula is a vampire. Difficult to believe that she was never seduced by one.

    4) Matrix-like screen capturing (at the end of the show) is cheesy and ridiculous, don't do this again dear "Dracula"

    5) The Seers are really necessary? Messing religion with supernatural is confusing. The show should stick with only one adaptation of the available ones. Religious, supernatural and sci-fi. Just pick one and stick with it.

    6) At the bright side, the business affairs are genius. Geomagnetic energy is intriguing yet nuclear power could be more appropriate.

    7) Waiting the next episode full of curiosity but not excitement. It's too early to decide for such a peculiar show.
  • More Back Story, More Intrigue, and Story and Character Development

    I watched the first two episodes before deciding what I thought of the series. Each episode has had action and intrigue. Characters and their reasoning are further revealed with each episode. SPOILERS! Jonathan's previous aid in information to Grayson/Dracula results in an offer for him to become vice-president of public affairs. He is reluctant to accept the too-good-to-be-true offer, but financial strain and encouragement from Mina and others prevail on him to accept. Jonathan provides the dirt on those of Grayson's interest. Mina faces a test in surgical skill, and receives heartening advice from Grayson. Jonathan disappoints later when Mina overhears him say that she will forget all this silliness of university and settle down to be a proper English wife once he proposes. A psychic/supernatural event between seers for the Order and Drakula.
  • Dracula

    I love Dracula You already have a true fan!! keep it coming !