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I started a poll merely out of curiosity – like I wrote in the actual post, there didn't seem to be much discussion of current episodes going on, nor much posting on the community; I know, they were off one week, and maybe there was some confusion about the air dates, then there was your Thanksgiving, Black Friday, everybody started to be troubled about christmas presents and Holidays, and you forgot about your favourite eco-friendly vampire...

Or maybe not, and you purposely saved the energy and left the show turned off? Maybe you rather lit a candle and turned to your leather-bound Bram-Stoker-Collector's edition?

I was really interested on the show in the beginning; I thought Jonathan Rhys Meyers was really good in The Tudors, therefore I liked the idea of seeing him again in a historical setting, and as Dracula, why not. Then the first review of the pilot came, and...well, to keep it nice and short, we have to say it's a really new look on the Dracula-material. And that's actually one of the things I'm struggling with: Dracula not being Dracula, but posing as an american business man bringing clean energy to Victorian London (which, as I read it first, made me think of The man who fell to earth....). I could do with Van Helsing being an ally, with having some weird Order of the Dragon messing around, but I think it's that modern business stuff that keeps me away... Plus, I found it difficult to keep track of people's intentions – there's the Mina/Harker-thing, which is interesting, but those rapidly dying/killing company people I fail to identify with name, rank and allegiance, I kind of got lost in that storyline.

As a result, I watched the first three episodes, finding myself reading news while watching the fourth... As hilarious as the new approach sounded, there didn't seem to be much of a self-irony to live up to it. On my side, I didn't really know what to make of it.

Telling from the poll (and considering the fact that you're more inclined to answer to a Dracula-poll if you're already interested in the show) I'd say the leading answer is a "I'm gonna look into it from time to time". Some of you really seem to love the show, and some not even only because of Jonathan Rhys-Meyers.

So, here's your discussion (I hope) – how did you feel about it? Where your expectations met, and did you get entertained enough to keep going?

Is it worth another try? Should I take notes to get into the action again? Didn't I appreciate the creative, capitalism-critical approach enough?

Will the Mina/Harker/Dracula-storyline take more room and develop some energy of itself?

Or maybe you're more with the thought that they should've abandoned the Dracula-lore and started with a totally new vampire in the beginning, completely focusing on the energy-side?

Will it actually be worth the trouble? Are the ratings promising enough to keep the show around, or are we talking about an already undead thing here?

PS: This being my first post apart from the poll, I need to ask for your tolerance about my writing...I'm not a native speaker/writer, so please be mild with me ;-)
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