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I came into Dracula not expecting too much, with the exception of the always excellent Jonathan Rhys Meyers and I'm happy I that decided to check it ou. Dracula's pilot episode was far from flawless, but it was genuinely entertaining and the potential is there for a fun/ridiculous good time. So let's get to it

The episode started off as two intrepid explorers broke into an underground tomb and discovered a coffin

Intrepid explorer #2 - aka Hat Guy - determined by the paintings on the side of the coffin that they had found what they were looking for

Then intrepid explorer #1 made a discovery - a whole pile of gold bars!


Essentially Hat Guy was feeding blood to:

Just kidding, it was of course Dracula who rapidly returned to human form

We then cut to Dracula trying on some clothes in London, 1896 with his manservant/aide/unclear named Renfield, who I already had a sneaking suspicion about

Dracula was pretending to be an American industrialist who was introducing himself to London's elite social scene

We then cut to the party and introduced several new characters Lucy, Mina, and Harker

While we waited for Dracula/Alexander Grayson to appear we were also introduced to the snobby Englishmen who would not be fans of Dracula

Dracula finally made his appearance, but had a moment of pause when he saw Mina

Mina also did a slight double take,

Apparently, this was not the first time these two had "met"

Already I was drawing so many parallels between Dracula and The Vampire Diaries. I watch too many vampire shows - I know this because I have now learned at least 4 different sets of vampire rules (what they can/cannot do, etc). Oh well, as long as it's fun, it's all good. Anyway, Dracula's introduction was short and sweet and he naturally wanted to know immediately who Mina was.

The first of London's elite to crack the ice with their new American interloper was Lady Jane and her escort Mr Krueger

Dracula's next introduction was far less pleasant as he attempted to ascertain whether he would be able to purchase some patents for his cooling system from a nice group of fatherly gentlemen.

However, Dracula was in luck because it looked like he was about to make a new, useful friend

Apparently the man giving Dracula a hard time was in some serious debt to some bookies due to his terrible luck at gambling. Then it was time for the real festivities to begin.

Renfield introduced Dracula who began handing out light bulbs as part of his new technological marvel. He claimed to have devised a way to use geomagnetic energy to create power that could be distributed wirelessly.

Anyway, the crotchety old English guys were worried that Dracula's new power methodology might interfere with their monopoly on the power market based on their holdings in oil. Especially after Dracula's experiment worked, although his reaction was extremely eccentric and a little bit creepy.

After the successful demonstration Lady Jane tracked Dracula down and offered to take him to the opera

Dracula politely rebuffed this initial attempt, but seemed to remain intrigued. Later, when he was excusing his guests he was once again treated with some harsh, undeserved hostility

Later that night while Dracula killed this guy, we were treated to split screens of Harker and Mina discussing their relationship, which broke down like this

The next day Dracula introduced us to the idea of the Order of the Dragon - a corrupt group of elites who were rich and powerful and stayed that way by doing evil things. Their history began in the past by using the power of the Church to burn villages and destroy towns and in the present day their power and money were dependent on their holdings in oil. Thus, Dracula's determination to find a power source other than oil in order to take away their wealth. His first priority, however, was identifying members of the Order. He had cleverly had photographs taken of every guest to his party the night before and was making his first set of guesses at who were members of the Order.

We then followed Krueger (who was loaded to bear with anti-vampire weaponry) as he visited the body of the dead man and subsequently cut off his head. He then transported this head via hatbox to the Order of the Dragon's leaders.

It turns out that this guy and Lady Jane are the presumed (?) two leaders of the Order of the Dragon in London. There was no evidence remaining that he had been killed by a vampire, but they were both convinced that he had been. This was not in fact their first rodeo with vampires as they had invented Jack the Ripper to cover up the crimes of a previous vampire.

Meanwhile, Mina was in class learning something about neurons when she pointed out to her professor that his lecture was rather reminiscent of the concept behind Dracula's new technology.

Dracula then had a sit down interview with Harker about his intentions and presence in England. Harker had rather rudely opened the curtains leading Dracula to burn himself

Dracula's interview was again pretty creepy and eccentric as he talked about wanting to help humanity evolve. Harker had some of the same thoughts I did

We then learned that while Mina was great at taking tests that she was not very good at actually being a surgeon, which was currently preventing her from being her professors assistant. Dracula was super creepy again and stalked Mina outside of her classroom before feasting on another unsuspecting woman. Dracula ended up acquiescing to Lady Jane's request to join her at the opera and they had a very public encounter, during which Dracula continued to stare creepily at Mina.

Dracula spent the rest of his night stalking another member of the Order of the Dragon before being rudely interrupted by Krueger.

Dracula easily dispatched Krueger. However, we then were dealt a surprising development as it turned out that Lady Jane was no slouch either

She was in some sort of basement area where she had captured another vampire. Lady Jane seemed to think that the vampire had been drawn to London for some reason, which was interesting. Somewhat less surprising was the reveal that Mina's professor was Van Helsing and that he was also the one who had set Dracula free. However, Van Helsing was not happy with some of Dracula's recent actions and was worried that their long term plan might be in jeopardy.

Anyway Van Helsing and Dracula were not getting along too well, but they both have good reason to hate the Order of the Dragon. They killed Van Helsing's family and they murdered Dracula's wife.

Overall it was a pretty entertaining ride, I look forward to seeing where the series decides to go.


Is Mina a magical doppelganger or is it a coincidence?

How long until Dracula can walk in the sun?

Why did the Order of the Dragon kill Van Helsing's family?

How did Dracula become a vampire?

Why did Van Helsing choose Dracula to help him?

Are other vampires drawn to Dracula?

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Oct 30, 2013
I'm a sucker for supernatural shows. I am staying , pls sign me on.
Dec 09, 2013
I like this show - started watching for Rhys=Meyers, such a great actor, but will stay for the programme too. So far so good - few eppys n now and still got my attention. That's a plus - I have the attention span of a small gnat usually. :)
Oct 29, 2013
Dracula: while watching the pilot, I could not help thinking about the Vampire Diaries (I quit half way through season 1), Revenge (I quit half way through season 1), Witches of East End (I quit after 2 episodes), all these lame shows with vampires, werevolves, witches and so on ... It is always the same story.
Dracula was not even entertaining. I have decided to quit already since there are much more interesting shows to see like TWD or The Wrong Man s, etc ...
Oct 29, 2013
Good photo recap - loved the captions.
Oct 29, 2013
Good job with this!
This show is a tad WTF but like you said, entertaining, and really that's all we can ask for in broadcast TV
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