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Dec 08, 2013
How's the Count Doing?
I started a poll merely out of curiosity – like I wrote in the actual post, there didn't seem to be much discussion of current episodes going on, nor much posting on the community; I know, they were off one week, and maybe there was some confusion about the air dates, then there was your Thanksgiving, Black Friday, everybody started to be troubled about christmas presents and Holidays, and you forgot about your favourite eco-friendly vampire...

Or maybe not, and you purposely saved the energy and left the show turned off? Maybe you rather lit a candle and turned to your leather-bound Bram-Stoker-Collector's edition?

I was really interested on the show in the beginning; I thought Jonathan Rhys Meyers was really good in The Tudors, therefore I liked the idea of seeing him again in a historical setting, and as Dracula, why not. Then the first review of the ...Read more
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In 19th century England, Dracula returns to London to seek revenge on those who engineered his defeat and trapped him in an immortal hell the first time he attempted to leave his homeland of Transylvania and spread his influence throughout Europe. Everything goes as planned until he falls in love with a mysterious woman.