Season 1 Episode 3

Goblin Merchant Men

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Nov 08, 2013 on NBC



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    • R.M. Renfield: (to Dracula sitting behind the piano) I had no idea you played, Sir.
      Dracula: It's been over a century since I last put fingers to keys… I was thinking about Lady Jane Wetherby and her decidedly unwholesome avocation.
      R.M. Renfield: Really? Which one Sir?
      Dracula: (snickering) The vampire hunting, of course. It stretches credulity to think she's unaffiliated with the Order.

      R.M. Renfield: I would tend to agree, Sir.
      Dracula: But then, she is a female. I suppose I shall ascertain it one way or the other.

    • Dracula: (to Van Helsing about his progress on creating the vaccine that allows him to walk during daylight) Have you made any progress with the solar vaccine?
      Van Helsing: Not while devising the serum for Lady Jayne, no.
      Dracula: How long must I spend skulking in the shadows?
      I want to walk in the sun like any other man.
      Van Helsing: You will never be like any other man.
      Dracula: You would do well to remember that.

      Van Helsing: I've increased the duration of the vaccine to three minutes and twelve seconds.
      Dracula: (gesturing to Renfield) Three minutes!
      Van Helsing: ...And 12 seconds.
      Dracula: (grabs Van Helsing by his hair) You leave me just enough time to have a cup of tea... before I burst into flames!

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