Season 1 Episode 10

Let There Be Light

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jan 24, 2014 on NBC
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  • Best show ever

    NBC executives show just how stupid and disconnected from its viewers. This was the show of all times
  • More....

    We want more now.. C'mon NBC.. give us another season!!! It is now being setup for 'the hunt of dracula' :)
  • Wow. Huge changes in the season finale.

    No spoilers. I was a late follower of the series. Had them stacked up on my DVR and finally made the time to watch. Glad I did.

    Great production values, great casting and great story lines linking up all the characters.

    The finale arrived and exceeded all the previous episodes. Action, suspense, horror, and life changing events. Tied up some loose ends and finished up with promises of new directions.

    I sure hope that NBC gets it right and renews the show for a second season.moreless
  • Return to Tradition?

    It would seem this season finale returned nearly everyone to their more well known places.... Harker and Van Helsing are apparently set up to tag-team on Draco; Lucy is now so abominable as to feed on her mother; Mina is under Draco's spell... ah well, it was a little different there for a while.

    One can only hope they have a few surprises planned for the next season, assuming we actually get to see it. I really have enjoyed this one, most especially for the fact it had shown some creativity and certainly some zany ways of looking at this obviously over rendered story. By most accounts I'd say the acting was pretty good by most of the supporting cast, and the production values excellent all around.

    I am a little miffed that they put down Lady Jane, but her death was well done. Let's hope we get Renfield back though! He is hands down may favorite of the supporting characters and I find it hard to envision Dracula without him, especially now as it would seem sunlight will no longer be even a temporary option thanks to Van Helsing trashing (supposedly) all traces of the infusion and its elements.

    Kudos to an interesting show :)

    PS to the site writers: How about giving the show a little love next time if it airs, eh? Or are you people just too tired writing elsewhere to bother? :Pmoreless
  • Dracula goes out with a Bang!

    Excellent Finale, it took me the first few episodes to get used to the idea of Dracula as a American Entrepreneur , but then I was hooked with the show. JR,M. makes a charismatic Vampire, and the other characters are all interesting as well. I've read Dracula, saw all of the movies, this show just puts its own spin on the familiar characters. I love the Victorian Era watching these people interact in such an old world. No convenient blood bags here. No other vampire show like this on Tv.

    It was great to see Van Helsing get his sweet, and shockingly bloody revenge against Browning turning his own children on him, very creepy. Then see Van Helsing pick up his quest to go against Dracula. Cannot wait to see him become Dracula's nemesis next season. Harker just wanted to get back at Grayson, for making him a fool, and taking Mina, but in the end was horrified by the act carried out by the Order which he helped implement, making him a monster in Minas eyes. I think will be seeing a different Man when he joins Van Helsing .

    Mina and Dracula together at last, but things are not going to go well. I don't think she really knows what he is.

    Sad to see The Huntress Lady Jane Grey, go, she was bold and exciting, and I was hoping to watch her and Grayson go at it longer.

    Poor lost Lucy, she is going to be one angry, vengeful vampire.

    I cannot believe Renfield is dead, he is such a wonderful new embodiment of the character, hope he will be back.

    Love the Order of The Dragon, perhaps more evil than the man they pursue. Looking forward to what they'll do and meeting more hunters and seers.

    Last thoughts, really hoping they give this show a chance at a second season. Look at Hannibal, the ratings were not high, but the core fans kept it from being cancelled, and the audience is out there. The scene with the children, and Lucy taking her mom, unexpectedly dark, and terrifying. Not every vampire show has to be about a boyishly hansom 20 something, modern day vampire who is a civilized, ordinary, man child, who falls in love with a teenage girl.

    Us older ladies much prefer our vampires falling for a smart grown up women. Oh, and a little dark, and scary, for a show about vampires doesn't hurt either.moreless

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