Season 1 Episode 6

Of Monsters and Men

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Dec 06, 2013 on NBC
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Grayson requires Van Helsing to test the experimental serum on him when the company's board meeting is moved to the solarium during the daytime.

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  • What goes around...

    The rich and powerful don't get their hands dirty; they hire others. Torturers are despicable, so I found it immensely satisfying when Grayson exacts his revenge and rescues Renfield. I look forward to retribution for the man who hired the "lady" inquisitor. This episode gave us a flashback to Grayson's first meeting with Renfield. This episode hints that Renfield may have a geas (mystical compulsion) that prevents his divulging anything about Grayson/Dracula. This would be in keeping with the original story. Jonathan is a social idiot. You don't give the first dance with your betrothed at your engagement party to another man anymore than you would give away the first dance with your bride at your wedding. Grayson and Mina are put in a spotlight neither wanted, and their mutual attraction is forced into subtle display.moreless
  • Bloody Awesome!

    As usual, after Renfields abduction, Grayson is beside himself and seeking answers. He finds them and the climactic scene when he finds him is wonderful. Renfield looks up from his torture to see his benefactor over head and begins to laugh out loud. The look on his captors face says it all when Grayson sends her thugs to the underworld. Priceless.

    Mina is offered up to dance in response to his nice party for her and Johnathan and it seems he hasn'

    t figured out quite yet that Grayson's intentions for Mina are anything but honorable. Can't wait for next weeks episode.

  • Renfield gets the last laugh!

    Several storylines were advanced in this episode, but my favorite moment was when severely injured Renfield looked up and saw Grayson silhoutted in the light above him. His deep-throated laugh said it all. V-e-r-y satisfying. Harker made a big mistake in thanking Grayson for hosting his engagement party by giving Grayson the first dance with Mina. Guess he still hasn't gotten the message -- Mina is not his property. Have a feeling this dance will come back to haunt him and result in his betrayal of Grayson. Only four more episodes remain. Looking forward to intense action next week.moreless

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