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  • Great show, why didn't they renew it!!!

    This show was so great!! Can't believe they cancelled it and yet kept some of the other lousy shows. This had an interesting storyline, good actors, and great character developments that were intriguing. The development of the storyline between Dracula and Mina was great!

    Some other good shows: Firefly, Terra Nova, Star-Crossed, Moonlight, Kindred - The Embraced, The Nine Lives of Chloe King, Marvel's Daredevil, & the new Colony tv series. All fun to watch with good acting!!

    I wish they had kept this show going!
  • beautiful

    it started well, the plot thickened at every turn was drama I honestly was very then i sat and watched it ....
  • season 2 Dracula

    Please let this show continue, an give us a heads up.
  • Better than I thought, getting very addictive

    My understanding is that they cancelled the show, too bad, this show, I believe, was a prelude of great things to come.

    But thank god we have Penny Dreadful as a fallback.


    This show is good.. I mean, yes, it stretches the myths, but in a good way.

    Who would have thought that Van Helsing would be working with Dracula? But, yes, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Both have a bone to pick with the order which have ruined their lives. Although, hopefully in the shows to come, we will see more of Dracula's origins.

    I've watched the first 6 episodes and so far, I've enjoyed this, it is quite entertaining. If this show was on HBO or even ShowCase, it probably would kick it a notch towards violence, etc. Which would make sense as you can't expect a Vampire show NOT to be violent.

    Anyways, I hope it will stay the course for a few years, it would be nice to see where this leads. Clearly, I can't see Van Helsing and Dracula working together once they have achieved their revenge, so, at that point, I suspect the show would turn towards a new path.

    Anyways, love the cast and love the show! :)
  • great

    I hope they bring this show back on air I heard they are taking this show off air I hope not because I really

    like this show If they take the show off the air I will be upset because they always take good show off the air and put shows that know body cares on tv.
  • Fantastic

    I Love the refinement of all the Characters, especially Alexander, I want more, and cant wait to see the next season, and more. Thankyou.
  • Promising

    Penny Dreadful this new series got some names from this and it seems wery promissing.

    Go and check it for ur self.

    Yea i stil hope for this one to continue.
  • don't stop :(

    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz don't stop the show good
  • No season 2 :(

    No season 2 guys. I can't believe I'll never know what happens next.

    These networks are on a chopping spree! :(
  • Season 2?

    When will we hear if there's going to be a second season?

    Fingers crossed!
  • Dracula = Sexy - Suave & Suck-culant

    Dracula is the breakout sleeper hit of the year 2013. It's one of the best renditions of this old folklore story portrayed in recent years. It would be wise to allow this show to remain in production for several seasons to come as it is a brilliant show and enjoyable to view. The show is genius, superbly written, and the cast of actors and actresses are a force to be reckoned with. Their performance's abilities are outstanding. It's refreshing to have a show for the mature viewership and one that reaches out to an all gender audience. To have this unique show Dracula for just one season would be unjust to the viewers. Please renew this outstanding drama.

  • My kind of monster

    Really enjoy the show. Great acting, but plot needs some improvement. Hope it does not get cancelled.
  • Little goes on sadly

    2 ep (13)
  • New Dracula is better than the old blood sucker!

    I Really do love that i can sit back and watch something as Shocking as this there is Love, Sexyness, And Clueless, And much more in this it keeps you half of the sit to watch more. And every week i love farward to sit down but my feet up and enjoy something as much as this... I will miss this if it goes off air. So people get the word out to make it stay on. People don't know what they miss untill its gone right??? So the other people stop hating because it's not like the old walk/fly blood sucking *** It's much more and WAY BETTER!

  • Boring, but great visuals

    I feel like they wanted to take a story and try something new, but if that was the case, why steal the characters at all? Why not make a completely original story with your own characters? Well, I think it was to draw in the Dracula fans. Sad, because I liked the visuals and I love the casting, but the actual dialogue was slow and boring (didn't seem like it was the actors' fault, seemed like a director/writer issue). It couldn't hold my attention. I guess I'll just go read the book again. I do give it a 3 for the visuals and casting.
  • Finally a new take on Dracula!

    It has been so refreshing to see a new take on Dracula. Watching the characters develop and explain where they're coming from instead of being dumped in the middle of the classic Dracula eats everyone and Van Helsing hunts him. I see the show trending in that direction but now we know it has a base in Human emotions and hurts, not just the 'monster's hunger' and seeing Van Helsing as less than the virtuous yet inexplicably dark hunter of vampires (though I'm sure he'll feel free to hunt Dracula now that he doesn't need him) we're used to seeing.

    Fantastic Show! I hope it survives to meet the potential hinted in the storyline so far!
  • Nice show

    Yap is a good show with stunning acting also.

  • Extremely well done show with great acting and fantastic production values

    While I found the overall plot not exactly to my liking, Dracula being an industrialist and developing wireless electricity thus threatening the oil industry, it definitely was a unique plot line that still integrated the Edwardian era in England very nicely. To be honest to do a Dracula show that had a developing and interesting plot line the story needed to be changed somewhat and this was done with skill. It had a bit of a steam/punk air to it which was interesting, I'm not a huge fan of steam/punk but find certain aspects interesting. The acting was excellent and the characterization was perfect. Dracula's back story was kept and used to carry along the plot. And to sum it up the production values were amazing, the costumes, backgrounds, feeling of being in London at that time, truly excellent.

    All that being said I am not too hopeful that the show will be renewed. The overall viewers number apparently were going down each week. I feel the show got better as it progressed but too many people apparently gave up too early. Unfortunately this last episode left us waiting for what was to happen next. So maybe if we are lucky it will be renewed and I would definitely look forward to seeing what will happen next if it is.
  • If it wasnt for JRM i honestly wouldnt have even thought about watching really not bad for broadcast tv

    I started watching this only cause I ran out of shows to watch. I'm very particular when it comes to TV shows especially ones that are on regular broadcast tv. The first thing that drew me to the show was obviously Jonathan Rhys-Myers ive been a fan for many many years and he is a very underrated actor as well is Michael C Hall but thats another story. If it wasnt for JRM i honestly probably wouldnt have even given the show a chance. Anyway I usually dont go for vampire shows ever(besides True Blood) thanks to Vampire diaries(which I will never watch) and whatever God awful teen drama shows like it that, but this show is nothing like them and puts a very interesting spin on everything, motives, story line and the relationship between him and Van Helsing, all of which are well done, I'm not confused at all everything is pretty straightforward, the acting,writing, and effects are on point. Overall I'm pretty happy with the show and its also something to take up the time till Walking Dead is back on and Game of Thrones of course. Hope everyone enjoys this show as much as I am.
  • Best Dracula!

    So Amazing! Look forward to seeing more! JRM is So good in this show! He's got me on the edge of my couch! Mina is very breathtaking also, they are phenomenal actors!
  • Best Dracula ever!

    Love this show! It keeps getting better. JRM is fantastic. His struggle to control his appetite in last week's episode, wow I couldn't take my eyes off him. So what if it does not follow Stoker's book, no reason it has to. I read Stoker's book and love this show much much more. Love Mina and Renfield and the whole cast, really.

    Love Dracula's and Renfield's loyalty to one another. And how Mina, a 19th century woman, sure has a lot of 21st century independent spirit.

    Hope very very much it gets renewed!
  • Dracula gets better and better with each episode!

    Give the show a few episodes, it gets better and better. Jonathan Rhys Meyers is a phenomenal actor. I adore the character Renfield! Great
  • Economics anyone

    Isn't it great that the writers of this show have used a more intellectual way to fight the enemy. Take them out of business by developing a clean energy source!! that's in conjunction with head severing!

    Sex-Drugs-Economics and Violence the new equation.
  • Dracula is the man!!!!

    This show is awesome but you have to watch all of the shows to understand some things. Thank goodness for on demand!!! Dracula is completely sexy and believe me I didn't think so at first. I am hooked for sure. Great new ideas for a old story!!! I am definitely a fan!!! The only thing I don't understand is when the next show comes on. I would expect every Friday but not this show. The schedule is weird. Still a fan tho.
  • I love dracula

    It really is different from all the teenage vampires' fantasies. It has some sort of glamour or something. However, what i don't get is that how these people were responsible of his wife's murder which was so long ago! were they alive back then ?
  • Love the new twists!!

    I am a huge fan of giving new life to an old tale! I've always been in love with Bram Stoker's tale and seeing such a new twist on that is so interesting to me!!
  • it's alright i guess 6.0

    i don't really understand the story, it's just too confusing. i thought i'll be hooked with it but i only watched the first three episodes and then it got really boring.
  • Get it straight

    Get it straight YOU PEOPLE AT T V . c o m !

    Eh, I realize you people can get just as confused as the rest of us about the schedule, but for the love of Pete, put the correct info as listed from the source if you are not sure. The last episode aired was Ep 6 "Of Monsters and Men" according to NBC website, and they will not air any additional episodes until January 3, 2014.

    "Course the larger question is why they keep screwing around with the airing schedule in the first place, considering there is bitching that the ratings are insufficient to renew and that it will likely end up being cancelled as a result. Well, if people can't even find the show listed how are they supposed to watch it?
  • Still confused

    I understand the urge to update old stories to the new generation who is too lazy to read and relate to the past. But it's so confusing to see a story that you know by heart having a complete different angle. Now you have this Dragon society! And Dracula wasn't made! He is a force of the nature! I'm not sure if I like if.
  • One of the best of all Dracula Series & Movies

    Its more of Social-Politics, revenge and some science, rather than screaming and horror.

    This series is elegant, refined and interesting to follow. What could be better than an American toying with the nasty Brits.
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