Season 1 Episode 7

Servant to Two Masters

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jan 03, 2014 on NBC
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Servant to Two Masters

Grayson begins to test the sunlight serum's limits while preparing to demonstrate his generator to the people of London and The Order plans to interfere with it. Renfield heads to Budapest to obtain the item Grayson needs and Harker starts to see his boss is manipulating him.

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  • Damned is the new smart

    Was not impressed first episode. Kind of Draculad out. Only watched because Steampunk friend of mine liked. AM impressed with Machiavellian deceits of various characters. Would not mind there being one smart good guy/gal.

    On all accounts like the reworking of characters and interactions.
  • Clueless is Fun

    Alright... so I had initially watched the pilot for this show and even commented on it being basically insane. I came to watch it like most folks I guess, expecting the usual treatment of Dracula mythos. I most especially came to watch it becasue of, and SOLEY because of, JRM since I think the man is amazing and highly under-rated as an actor.... Well after seeing the pilot show, I was like WTF happened?! lol

    Weirdly I have stuck it out, watching all the subsequent episodes out of sheer spite for myself, lol. I mean how weird is this show that it bears little to no resemblance whatsoever to all notions of Dracula? And green tech in the 19th Centurty? A lesbian Lucy 8D, an African American Rehnfield who is also a lawyer, a female OoD hunter, etc. This show is so all over the place that I find myself thinking it's just too crazy not to actually like it, hehe. It has in fact started to grow on me and I am enjoying not having a single clue where this will go.

    For all we know, Lucy and Mina could wind up together, Dracula could end up subathing in the Alps somewhere with that 6ft+ tall swede vampire we won't name, leaving his business to Renfield and Harker, the later who will fall madly in love with an as yet unseen female vampy who will knock him into next Tuesday with her beauty, wealth, and willingness to sell him all her shares from Draco's company... LOL - or something like that.

    The fact there hasn't even been anyone reviewing this show now for 3-4 episodes is interesting in of itself - as if they have completely given up on trying to make sense of any of it and preferred to run away in a huff to find something more predictable to write about.

    Well, as I said. despite myself, I am having a blast not having a single clue where this show is headed - for once a surprise on TV. 8Dmoreless

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