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After Harker joins The Order of the Dragon, Grayson prepares to battle them and Lady Jane also readies for the vampire hunt.  Mina and Lucy's relationship further disintegrates after Lucy admits her betrayal allowing Grayson to confess his love to Mina.

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This season is ending more or less where the traditional dracula stories begin. With Lucy being inflicted with a mysterious illness, her friend Mina under the spell of the monster Dracula, and Van Helsing and Harker out to destroy Dracula. I would certainly like to see where the story will be taken next. Dracula has been building an audience and improving. They have renewed other series with worse numbers. I don't know how Beauty and the Beast, Hart of Dixie, the Following and Revolution (even though I actually like Revolution) have managed to be renewed. If the fans speak up maybe someone will listen.
I'm loving this show not just because of JRM on my TV again, visually and storytelling are great. But as I understand this is the only season for this show. I've never missed an episode. It goes great with GRIMM & Friday night.
I think that the "turning" of Lucy at the end of this episode was a bit off-paced, but interesting. It is expected that she be turned because that is the story we know of what happens to Lucy. But why stick to that I wonder, given they have changed so many of the precepts of all the characters?On the one hand and considering the apparent fuss some people are making about Lucy being gay, it would seem as a strange push to return her to a "traditional Lucy" and rather forced. (Apparently there was an actual apology to the fans from the show's creator about Lucy's scene with Harker last episode, wherein it was stated that the scene was not meant to be conflated into the idea that she enjoyed it and was therefore either bi-sexual all along, in love with Harker, or anything else like that).On the other, now we have her turned into a vampire and that opens up lots of potential options for plot twists given the way the charcters in this version revolve around each other. Will she likely be in league - and perhaps become an enemy - to Dracula? I could see that happening because she too, desperately loves and wants Mina. It would be interesting if she came to fall in love instead with Lady Jane and fights with her to destroy Draco (now that! would be fun...lol), or she could aid the Order by telling Harker what happened to her and sacrifice herself... oh heck, who knows? LOLIt is a fun aspect of the show in any case, so I am glad to see they went there. It could open up some interesting possibilities for next season, assuming we are allowed to actually get to it - I think the network will dump it no matter the fans it has, which I am fairly certain are too few for NBC to care.Kudos to JRM for this episode for sure though. He was very fun to watch (as always) but the scene he had just before his "dinner" at the billard club and definitely his scenes with Mina, were very compelling. I wonder that no matter how he (the actor, not Grayson...) tries to be or seems to caters to that "bad boy" image, he really does strike me as most believable when he is projecting tenderness and vulnerability instead of rage. (remembering the Tudors here as well...). Though he can do the latter well also, it always seems to have (forgive the pun...) less "bite" ;)Looking forward to the finale, how about you?moreless
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