Dragnet - Season 7

NBC (ended 1959)




Episode Guide

  • The Big Constitution
    Friday (Jack Webb) and Smith (Ben Alexander) go after a group of teenage hoodlums who have dropped out of school, are dodging the draft and have turned to robbery to finance their goals. The group has decided to start their own country on a deserted island near the California coast, and they have penned their own constitution to get started. Friday gives a rousing patriotic speech in his efforts to dissuade the group from their actions.moreless
  • The Big Candy Box
    The Big Candy Box
    Episode 2
    An old woman reports to the police that all her lifelong savings have been stolen. The savings that she used to keep in a candy box have now been dishonestly replaced with old newspaper strips. As detectives Smith (Ben Alexander) and Friday (Jack Webb) attempt to catch the crook and retrieve the savings, they run into a number of disturbing contradictory clues.moreless
  • The Big Button
    The Big Button
    Episode 3
    "The Big Button" has Friday (Jack Webb) and Smith (Ben Alexander) looking into the disappearance of the wife of a young man who reports her missing. They immediately come to the correct conclusion that she has been murdered. One of the vital clues is a button from a navy pea jacket that has been found and which helps lead them to the villain. Brett King guest stars in this episode.moreless
  • The Big Yak
    The Big Yak
    Episode 4
    The Big Yak from the TV show Dragnet is the 4th episode of season number 7. Originally broadcast on October 17, 1957, this episode finds detectives Friday (Jack Webb) and Smith (Ben Alexander) looking into a restaurant safe robbery. With their investigation going absolutely nowhere, the detectives catch a break when they receive a tip from a talkative older woman. This episode features guest star Jessalyn Fax, best known for her role in Rear Window directed by Alfred Hitchcock.moreless
  • The Big Howard
    The Big Howard
    Episode 5
    The Big Howard from the TV show Dragnet is the 5th episode of season number 7. Originally broadcast on October 24, 1957, in this episode Friday (Jack Webb) and Smith (Ben Alexander) interrogate artist Paul Zavier (Hans Conried) after the rich widow who has been sponsoring him is murdered. Friday and Smith use all of their interview skills in an attempt to break d0wn Zavier and get him to confess.moreless
  • The Big Tomato Cans
    Friday and Smith head to a Los Angeles supermarket to investigate a robbery. The detectives soon discover that the crime was an inside job after the market's owners reveal that they kept all their cash in two empty tomato cans. Upon further investigation, Friday discovers that one of the owners is lying about who they know.moreless
  • The Big Dip
    The Big Dip
    Episode 7
    Friday and Smith investigate money being taken from a department stores registers with the help of store security.
  • The Big License Plates
    Friday and Smith investigate a con involving fake license plates.
  • The Big Blank
    The Big Blank
    Episode 9
    A bunch of forged checks are popping up all over the city and it's up to Friday and Smith to catch the forger.
  • The Big Tease
    The Big Tease
    Episode 10
    The Big Tease from the show Dragnet is the 10th episode of season number 7. Originally broadcast on November 28, 1957, in this episode two farmer brothers, Otis and Marvin Spengler (Alvy Moore, Kevin Hagen) contact Friday (Jack Webb) and Smith (Ben Alexander) claiming that their grandfather's life savings has been stolen by his 24-year-old stripper girlfriend. Features guest star Alvy Moore.moreless
  • The Big Love
    The Big Love
    Episode 11
    A man reports that his wife ran off with his little girl and the man she was having an affair with. The trail leads Friday and Smith to a suicide pact.
  • The Big Red Wagon
    The Big Red Wagon
    Episode 12
    The Big Red Wagon from the show Dragnet is the 7th episode of season number 12. Originally broadcast on December 12, 1957, the episode finds detectives Friday (Jack Webb) and Smith (Ben Alexander) investigating a liquor store robbery involving the theft of several cases of valuable liquor. The detectives get a break when a young cop's girlfriend (Norma Ward) contacts them and reveals that a friend of hers has approached her with a lucrative business opportunity involving several cases of booze. The episode guest stars radio announcer Dudley Manlove.moreless
  • The Big Prescription
    Mrs. Eileen Multon picks up the wrong prescription. Now it's up to Friday and Smith to find her before it's to late.
  • The Big Full Moon
    The Big Full Moon
    Episode 14
    The two detectives Friday (played by Jack Webb) and Smith (played by Ben Alexander) are on the hunt for a man who is suspected of staging a hold up. A tip off takes them to a cocktail bar called the Full Moon. Will the man be deterred by the two detectives when they arrive?moreless
  • The Big Jade
    The Big Jade
    Episode 15
    Friday and Smith investigate a series of jade robberies.
  • The Big Tip
    The Big Tip
    Episode 16
    The Big Tip from the classice TV show Dragnet was originally broadcast on Janurary 9, 1958. The episode follow detectives Friday (Jack Webb) and Smith (Ben Alexander) as they investigate a series of brazen jewel robberies. The investigation leads to the surveillance of the city's pawnshops. After the detectives catch a major suspect the robberies continue, leaving the case at a stand still until the suspect's brother comes forward and offers to cooperate. The episode features guest star Bill Brauer.moreless
  • The Big Stubby
    The Big Stubby
    Episode 17
    The Big Stubby from the classic show Dragnet premiered on January 16, 1958. The episode finds L.A. detectives Friday (Jack Webb) and Smith (Ben Alexander) investigating a series of automobile accessory thefts. The detectives believe that a group of teenagers are behind the thefts, and almost as soon as they begin their investigation, a brash young punk shows up at the police station carrying stolen accessories and asking for a reward. The episode features guest star Howard Bert.moreless
  • The Big Baby Face
    The Big Baby Face
    Episode 18
    The Big Baby Face from the Show Dragnet is the 18th episode of season 7. Originally broadcast on January 23, 1958, this episode finds Friday (Jack Webb) and Smith (Ben Alexander) investigating a series of bizarre crimes involving a thief who uses the same M.O. for every robbery. At their wit's end, the detectives catch a break when a set of fingerprints leads them to a suspect's wife.moreless
  • The Big Lip
    The Big Lip
    Episode 19
    Friday and Smith are on the trail of a hit and run driver.
  • The Big Boot
    The Big Boot
    Episode 20
    Friday and Smith investigate a home invasion and there only clue is a boot print in the mud by a window.
  • The Big Rip
    The Big Rip
    Episode 21
    A man accuses his son of stabbing him, but Friday and Smith find out that his son has an airtight alibi.
  • The Big Excuse
    The Big Excuse
    Episode 22
    An ambitious and clever group of thieves have taken to syphoning oil off and away from large storage tankers. These robberies are linked to a more complicated crime involving the haulage companies. To find and apprehend these criminals, detectives Friday and Smith take on an undercover role as two truck drivers.moreless
  • The Big Knot
    The Big Knot
    Episode 23
    "Detectives Friday and Smith are hot on the case of a kidnapping. Tony Richman, a wealthy business magnate has been kidnapped and his wife has been asked for a ransom of $50,000 for his return. When Richman manages to escape the case takes an unexpected turn of events with many surprises along the way."moreless
  • The Big Hobby
    The Big Hobby
    Episode 24
    The "Big Hobby" in this case is photography. The amateur photographer (played by Kip King) provides police detectives Joe Friday (Jack Webb) and Frank Smith (Ben Alexander) with very useful information in their hunt for a dangerous fugitive. The hobbyist may have captured an image of the fugitive that could help the Dragnet team get their man.moreless
  • The Big Organizer
    The Big Organizer
    Episode 25
    Friday and Smith are trying to bring down a street gang but are having a hard time getting to the top man known as The Organizer.
  • The Big Gent
    The Big Gent
    Episode 26
    An ex con called The Gentleman Bandit begins working again when he holds up a bank with two helpers.
  • The Big Wardrobe
    The Big Wardrobe
    Episode 27
    Friday and Smith track a man writing bad checks for expensive clothes and then sells the clothes for a profit.
  • The Big War
    The Big War
    Episode 28
    Friday and Smith investigate a report of a teen gang war in the middle of Los Angeles.
  • The Big Bad Count
    The Big Bad Count
    Episode 29
    A conman is at large in the city of Los Angeles. He preys upon lonesome, middle-aged ladies. Posturing as "Count H. Bukary," he uses captivating speech to gain the trust and confidence of gullible women with the aim of stealing their money. Detectives Smith (Ben Alexander) and Friday (Jack Webb) are on his trail, and they finally catch him, as he was attempting to drug and steal from his latest victim.moreless
  • The Big Evans
    The Big Evans
    Episode 30
    A man reports that a police officer blackmailed him for money and then beat him up, and he has the bruises to prove his story.
  • The Big Pack Rat
    The Big Pack Rat
    Episode 31
    Joe Friday (Jack Webb) and Frank Smith (Ben Alexander) investigate a burglar with the eccentric habit of leaving small mementos as calling cards at the scene of each of his crimes. Regrettably, what he doesn't leave are fingerprints. The detectives are puzzled until a random photograph furnishes them with their first solid lead.moreless
  • The Big Honeymoon
    The Big Honeymoon
    Episode 32
    Friday and Smith are looking for a man who sells fake honeymoon trips to unsuspecting couples.
  • The Big Eyes
    The Big Eyes
    Episode 33
    A nurse's aide, Mary Bigler, witnesses a robbery and kidnapping, and detectives Friday and Smith catch the culprit. Bigler only recognizes the man's blue eyes, and defense attorney, Eric Potter, tries to discredit her testimony in court. This is a true-story dramatization, which Mary Bigler plays herself in the episode.
  • The Big Cracker Box
    The Big Cracker Box
    Episode 34
    Friday and Smith investigate a rash of supermarket robberies and the burglar's calling card is leaving crackers scattered all over the floor of the store.
  • The Big Perfume Bottle
    A unique and costly perfume bottle is taken from an upscale home and it's up to Friday and Smith to get it back.
  • The Big Bed
    The Big Bed
    Episode 36
    While searching the apartment of a missing man, Friday (Jack Webb) and Smith (Ben Alexander) open a Murphy bed that's folded up against the wall. When they discover a body hidden in the bed, the case takes a grim turn. Fans of the show will recognize a number of regulars, including character actresses Claudia Bryar and Marjorie Stapp.moreless
  • The Big Ruthie
    The Big Ruthie
    Episode 37
    A disgruntled ex-con helps Friday and Smith take down a forgery ring that has cashed thousands of dollars in forged payroll checks.
  • The Big Grifter
    The Big Grifter
    Episode 38
    A con artist operating in the gentle swindle steals money from grieving relatives after their loved ones die.
  • The Big Irony
    The Big Irony
    Episode 39
    Friday and Smith investigate a murder-suicide of a husband and wife.