Season 2 Episode 19

The Big Break

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 19, 1953 on NBC

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  • \\\"You did\\\'nt have to gas me!!\\\" (Spoiler, but worth it)

    This is the third episode on Digiview\\\'s volume #2 of the classic Dragnet. (This is before Harry Morgan, kids, so spending a dollar on it may not be worth it to you.)

    Anyway, very funny moment at the begining, when Friday and Smith are in a pitch shootout with the suspect, Smith gasses the \\\'location\\\' of the robber, and he eventually succumbs, running out of a door, still shooting at police, and throws his gun down. When Friday and Smith get him up, one of his first statements (prior to Miranda) is \\\"You guys didn\\\'t have to gas me!!\\\" I busted up, also later in the show, when the bad guy joins the Army and is being shipped \\\'overseas\\\' he comes to see Friday and Smith, and hits \\\'em up for a loan before breaking Army jail, and committing a couple more robberies.

    I wonder how many felons can show up at their arresting officer\\\'s work and hit \\\'em up (successfully) for a loan...hehe.. They both wish him luck \\\'over there\\\' (Korea)

    Still, classic television all the way.
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