Season 5 Episode 4

The Big Lift

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 22, 1955 on NBC

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  • Too little of a compelling criminal in this episode, but still follows the format well.

    A neighborhood burgler stymies the L.A. Police Department.

    There is not a lot of plot for this one, the first 3 minutes are devoted to an overview of all the machines used in police work. Nevertheless, here is another typical example, as usual, the public is very funny and runs off in totally arbitrary direction when questioned. Frank takes most of the heat because not only is his wife bummed by his late nights on stakeout but a housewife grills him about how hard his better half must work to look after their kids.

    There's not a lot ingenious about solving the crime here, making this installment really pretty average overall. Perhaps the most entertaining facet is that the thief wanders the neighborhood with fake groceries, including a loaf of French bread with a jimmy bar stuffed inside. Well, that and the "hash house" that has run out of hash when Joe and Frank stop by. But other than that, the burgler is just a guy who uses the cash to live in a hotel and wants to travel to Mexico some day to fence his stolen items.

    Overall, mid pack for the series, but with all the typical devices and distinctive contrasting dialog.