Season 4 Episode 4

The Big Pair

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 16, 1954 on NBC

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  • Joe Friday not as dry as the critics want us to believe.

    This is just a simple episode about Friday and Smith working on the cases of stolen furniture.
    Also one of Joe's fellow officer's is getting married in this show. This is where Jack Webb's humor comes into play. When the new husband goes to assist in the arrest of one of the suspects - her lipstick ends up on the new husbands' shirt.
    When he just shrugs it off - Joe Friday plays a bit of a smart-aleck and jokes on how the new wife will react to the lipstick smudge. This episode would fit right in today's world on a more simple way of living. It always seems so nice to look at the amount of traffic in L.A. back in 1954.