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Dragnet (1989) was a syndicated revival of the classic Dragnet (1951) and Dragnet (1967) series, which were based on the 1949 radio drama, all of which starred Jack Webb as LAPD detective Joe Friday. Webb died in 1982, however, and this revival decided not to re-cast his famous character. Instead, the 1989-1990 series, also known as Dragnet: The '90s or The New Dragnet, starred two younger detectives, but kept to the original formula of voice-over narration and sticking to "just the facts". Though 52 half-hour episodes were made, this series has generally faded from public memory, likely due to the lack of Joe Friday's distinctive character and also to the success of shows like Cops and police dramas such as Hill Street Blues and NYPD Blue. This series had no relation to the 1987 comedic film Dragnet which starred Dan Aykroyd and Tom Hanks. The series was filmed at Universal City Studios in Universal City, California with the support of the Los Angeles Police Department's Chief Daryl Gates and Commander Bill Booth. NOTE: IMDB shows a release date for the series as October 4, 1989, and lists, for example, the episode "The Payback" as airing on October 11, 1989. However, copyright registration records list the earliest publication date as October 24, 1989. This guide uses publication dates from the United States Copyright Office.moreless

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