Season 1 Episode 5

Cardiac Arrest

Aired Unknown Nov 07, 1989 on



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    • This episode begins on Friday, November 3rd and the detectives are working the day watch out of Robbery/Homicide.

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    • (at the funeral home)
      Vic: Mr. Walters, I'm Sgt. Daniels, this is Det. Molina, we're not customers.
      Mr. Walters: Everyone's a potential customer in this business.
      Carl: Hey, ours too.

    • Vic: Hey, Kim, how you doing?
      Kim: Daniels. Molina. How did you find me on my lunch hour? Oh yeah, you're detectives.
      Vic: Yeah, it comes in handy every once in a while.
      Kim: Found that stuff you wanted on the Lewis case. I'll go get it for you, even if it is my lunch hour.

    • Vic: Smart, that's what you con guys are. Except you always overestimate yourselves. But you always underestimate everybody else.
      Suspect: Whatever. Can I get a lawyer now?
      Vic: Oh sure, we'll give you a lawyer, and all the breaks you never gave the poor bum that you killed. In fact, we'll give you all the breaks the law allows. And we're going to tie up all the loose ends and close all the loopholes, because when you go away this time, you're not coming back.

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