Season 1 Episode 1

The Twisted Triangle

Aired Unknown Oct 24, 1989 on

Episode Recap

An irate man, Carlson Warner, called for an investigation into the rape of his wife in broad daylight. Allison Warner claims to having been raped in the elevator of her apartment building upon coming home from shopping. She said he got on the elevator while she was on her way up to the 35th floor. She didn't remember what floor he got on or what he looked like. Mr. Warner demanded that they find the person responsible. A female officer took Mrs. Warner to the hospital.
Vic and Carl decided to question the lobby security guard, Ernie Norworth, who was listening to a walkman and not paying attention to anything going on around him. They learned from him that the boyfriend of Fawn Allen was in the building at the time of the rape. Ms. Allen says her boyfriend's name is Jeff Davis. Ms. Allen is an author of children's books and says that Jeff Davis is an illustrator.
Jeff Davis spent a year in prison for assault with a deadly weapon. They track down Jeff and find he is a sign painter not an illustrator. Jeff is arrested and brought in for a lineup. Mr. Warner pressures his wife into picking one of the people in the lineup. She picks Jeff from the lineup. Mr. Warner pulls a gun and shoots Jeff. Mr. Warner is booked for attempted murder.
Vic and Carl went back to the security guard and found that when the elevator is stopped an alarm goes off. Mrs. Warner's account does not mention that an alarm sounded. They find she went to a hotel at the time she said she was shopping. They find the guy she was with, Rob Pellizi. They question Mr. Pellizi about the day of the rape, he says they were having an affair. They return to question Mrs. Warner, she confesses to having an affair and that she wasn't raped. She said her husband was home when she came in from having an affair and panicked, she told him she was raped. She said she picked Jeff from the lineup because she had seen him around the apartment building a couple of times. She explains that she was afraid of her husband and just wanted someone to be nice to her. They arrest Alison Warner for filing a false police report.
Carlson Warner was convicted of one count of assault with a deadly weapon and was sentenced to three years at the state prison at San Quinton.
Alison Warner was convicted of filing a false police report and was given probation and 250 hours of community service at a local rape crisis center.