Season 1 Episode 9

Who Killed My Boat?

Aired Unknown Nov 21, 1989 on



  • Quotes

    • Vic: You know, I'd like a sailboat some day. Something not too big, just big enough to get me to Catalina on the weekends.
      Carl: Right. Maybe a crew of five or six.
      Vic: No, not a battle ship,just a nice little boat.
      Carl: Np, I know. About 30 feet, teak deck, uh, varnished railings...
      Vic: Now you're talking.
      Carl: ...and take about 10 weekends a year to maintain. And what about painting? That'' take another 10, 12 weekends or so. And don't forget, Vic, you have to pay for the materials before you are able to work on it.
      Vic: Are you done?
      Carl: Not yet. I think I can get a couple more days out of this one!
      Vic: (sarcastically) Ha ha.