Season 4 Episode 17

A.I.D. - The Weekend

Aired Thursday 9:30 PM Feb 12, 1970 on NBC

Episode Recap

This episode opens with Bill Gannon and Joe Friday arriving at Bill's home in Eagle Rock with groceries. Bill hands Friday the groceries and then he starts to open the front door. Bill asks Friday to turn on the porch light. Joe says he'll do once Bill opens the door. Bill replies the front door bell button will turn on the porch light. Joe wonders out loud what Bill uses for a door bell and Bill replies "the old fist." As they walk inside together, Joe shakes his head in disbelief.

Bill starts mentioning saving electricity, as he turns off the porch light. This is the first of many such battering between Joe and Bill. They tease, discuss, banter back and forth on where to put down the groceries, how Joe needs some R & R verses Joe's idea of relaxation, what Joe will wear to bed and during the weekend, how he'll brush his teeth, and other topics.

Entering the living room, the bantering continues with Joe and Bill discussing wall paper verses painting the wall, how Joe doesn't live in a home as an apartment isn't a home, and yet more topics.

Bill tells Joe and us the plans for tonight and the next two days. They'll live like Sultans, but without the Harems. A next door neighbor - Rhoda Bass - arrives. We learn from her and Bill that Bill's wife is out of town for the weekend. She goes on about a very young woman who is going around the neighborhood selling magazine subscriptions, she doesn't trust this saleswoman, how she thinks Joe should settle down, her children are going back to school, and why she stopped by (for some Oregano).

Next we see Bill explaining how to make a garlic nut-butter sandwich, which no one will try (other than Bill). The recipe is pumpernickel, cream cheese, clove of garlic (crushed so as to obtain the garlic juice), and peanut butter. We learn one of the neighbors is a systems analyst, which seems to interest Joe. His explanation on interfaces ends up confusing people more than helping them.

The four guys are going to play Pinochle. After dealing, the wives of the two neighbors start calling. Bill looks at his hand and gulps. Turns out he has a 560 point hand with a double pinochle. It is the best hand he's ever had and in the end he doesn't get to play it. Once the two other guys leave, Bill suggests a game of Gin Rummy. Unfortunately, he only bought Pinochle decks.

Bill knocks on the bathroom door and hands Joe a pair of PJ's. They are gift, which (at first) Joe refuses, as he thinks they are too expensive. Bill says he bought them himself.

The next day opens late in the afternoon (16:00 / 4 PM) with Joe watching a baseball game and Bill sound a sleep beside him. The Dodgers win 3 to 2 over the Giants. Bill wakes up (saying he wasn't asleep, but just resting his eyes). When he hears it is 4 PM, he's upset as he has yet to start dinner. Dinner will be Lemon-Glazed Duck.

Joe and Bill go to the kitchen to start dinner. Again they start bantering at / with each other; this time over the duck. Bill suggests Joe retires to the living room and watch an old movie on TV till dinner is ready.

Hours later dinner is ready. Bill again mentions electricity, as Joe forgot to turn off the TV. The settings and smell of dinner does impress Joe. Unfortunately, a knock on the door interrupts dinner.

A young woman (early twenties and previously mentioned by Rhoda Bass) is at the door wanting to sell magazines to Mr. Gannon. She says Mrs. Bass gave her Mr. Gannon's name. (Mrs. Bass is the neighbor who stopped by Friday evening for the Oregano.) She is trying to keep her scholarship to the West Coast Nurses Training in El Monte. Remembering what Rhoda Bass told them, Bill and Joe let her have as much rope as she wants.

Joe excuses himself saying he has to check his wallet, but instead calls information for the phone number of the nursing school. According to information the school doesn't exist so he calls the Bunco division. He finds out no Los Angeles nursing school is working a magazine subscription program. Additionally, Bunco tells him they have multiple reports about a woman working a scholarship scam in the Eagle Rock area. Joe tells them he has the suspect there. The night watch supervisor for Bunco decides two send two detectives to Bill's home. They will take the suspect into custody and process her. Joe marks his money, so they can identify it later.

Bill and Joe decide to purchase some magazines ($54.00 worth). To prove theft by deception they have to show money exchanged hands. Paying with Joe's (and Bill's) marked money, they needed to get a receipt from her to prove the completed transaction took place.

She says Joe and Bill are the grooviest guys she knows. Joe says he's sorry to change her mind, to which she says nothing he says could change it. He pulls out his badge and Bill tells her she is under arrest. Stunned it takes her a few moments to realize she sold to the heat. Bill opens her purse and removes the marked money.

She blames herself for not catching on to their being the fuzz. Bill and Joe wonder what she means, to which she says the selling was going far too easy. Additionally she admits her other mistake. She thought they were a gay couple (the Odd Couple). At 8:15 PM the Bunco detectives arrive and take her into custody.

Joe and Bill sit down finally to eat their duck meal. After talking about carving, Bill and Joe discover the duck is as hard as a rock. Joe suggests they go out and he'll pay for some nice juicy steaks. Bill reminds Joe their money is evidence and they won't get it back until Monday.

The episode closes as Bill proposes making Duck Hash.

On November 20th, trial was held in Depart 41, Municipal Court for the County of Los Angeles.

The court found Betsy Nichols guilty of giving false or misleading information in order to sell her magazines. Violation of 17500 is punishable by a fine of not more than $500 and/or longer than 6 months in the county jail. The judge sentence Ms. Nicols to a find of $500 and one year of summary probation.