Season 4 Episode 17

A.I.D. - The Weekend

Aired Thursday 9:30 PM Feb 12, 1970 on NBC

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  • A fun and delightful R & R episode for Joe, Bill, and us.

    A fun and R & R episode for Joe, Bill, and the viewer. As with other home episodes the criminal comes to Bill and Joe. This time the first 20 minutes (2/3) of the episode is about Joe and Bill, with the remaining 10 minutes shared with the suspect.

    Joe is spending the weekend with Bill, while Bill's wife is out of town. These two partners banter the weekend away over all types of subjects. Its just good clean fun with no one winning or hurt.

    The first hint of tonight's criminal comes with Mrs. Bass who drops by for some Oregano. She asks Bill what she'd get for killing a door-to-door saleswoman. Bill asks if she did anything and she replies no, but she wanted to.

    Next night as Joe and Bill sit down to eat their wonderful duck meal, the saleswoman shows up. Who ends up having the worst evening is up to you. One of them ends up in jail, while two of them it looks like ends up staving. Oh, if only Bill or Joe had had a Visa or Master Card.

    This is a wonderful, fun, and delightful episode. A must see when you simply want bantering fun between Joe and Bill and fun with a no so smart criminal.