Season 4 Episode 16

Burglary - The Son

Aired Thursday 9:30 PM Feb 05, 1970 on NBC

Episode Recap

Joe tells us it is Monday, January 12. It's cloudy; our heroes are working the day watch out of the Burglary Auto Theft Division. The boss is Captain Green and Bill Gannon is again Joe Friday's partner. They're starting a new week with a new case load. Given all the facts they day is Monday, January 12, 1970.

Joe and Friday start the week with 15 home burglaries, all small, no pattern, no leads, and all needing individual checking.

A phone call comes in about a burglary last night. Friday says it is one of theirs and it is off to the races for us, Friday, and Gannon. The caller is Mrs. Haven who wants to update the burglary report from last night. Friday begins to reads off the list items reported items on the burglary form: one double barreled shotgun, one portable color TV, one 8mm Camera, when she interrupts him. There is also a box with jewelry inside missing. She'll write out a list and description of the items. Friday says they'll be by later in the day to pick it up. Gannon inquires about the call and then asks why she didn't report it last night. As Bill says, jewelry is one of the first things women normally check. Friday says she also says there is a problem and will tell them when they get there.

9:30 AM: Home of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Haven. Friday and Gannon are speaking to Dorothy Haven, the woman of the house. She reports the burglary occurred between 19:30 and Midnight, when they were attending a hockey game at the Los Angeles Forum. There was no vandalism and no sign of forcible entry. She feels the back door is the only way the theft could enter, as none of the other entry points show any damage. The windows have safety catches and the front door has a chain. She admits they have a hidden key in the backyard and fears it might be one of the neighbors who broke in last night. Lately, there has been so many changes in the neighborhood. She feel as though she no longer knows anyone around the house. The other possibility is a profession thief. Gannon announces he'll go check the back door and leaves. Friday and Mrs. Haven discuss the stolen goods and how thieves could know all the hiding places. The back door bell rings and Mrs. Haven says Friday's partner most likely locked himself out. They leave for the kitchen and the back door.

Friday asks Bill to come in, Mrs. Haven says, but it's locked, and Bill uses his Police Identification card to open the back door. She thinks he found the key, but Bills says no it's a shim. Bill explains how someone can use a plastic card to push back the bolt on door knobs. He recommends Mrs. Haven get a dead bolt for the back door. She feels good it couldn't be a neighbor using the spare key, but Friday says they still can't rule them out. As he puts it, "even a burglar is somebody's neighbor."

Returning to the living room, Mrs. Haven, Bill, and Joe discuss her jewelry. Bill doesn't give her much hope in the police being able to recover it. She admits it was the first thing she looked for and discovered last night. Bill and Friday "drill" her on why she didn't report it last night to the responding officers. She admits to there being $380.00 hidden in the jewelry box. She didn't want talk about it last night, as her husband was there and he doesn't know about her emergency fund. She keeps it around to help out her children from time to time. Her husband feels the children get too much help as it is and wouldn't understand her emergency fund. Friday explains there is little to no chance of recovering the money, as a theft has to find buyer property, but money he can pass it anywhere.

10:20 AM (outside view of Parker Center, 150 North Los Angeles Street): Friday and Gannon check in with the Pawnshop Detail. Every pawnshop in the state must report items sold or put up for a loan. The local detail would directly contact Friday, if something comes up, while an out of town report would come from the Property Division of C.I.I. in the state capital.

11:00 AM: SID reports to Joe and Bill; they found nothing.

Four days pass with no new news, Friday, January 16, 1970; Cheryl Randall of the Pawnshop Detail comes to see Joe and Bill with information on the Haven's double barreled shotgun. An Albert Maddox pawned it at 11:40 AM on January 15, 1970. Gannon goes to check out Albert Maddox, while Friday remains and talks to Cheryl. The pawnshop is holding the shotgun. Bill reports Maddox has a package, nine arrests for pushing and one big customer, himself - he's an addict. Bill shakes his head.

12:300 PM: Bill and Joe arrive at 211 East Wilber Street in Los Angeles to interview Albert Maddox. They discover it is an empty lot. A neighbor reports the house sold and the new owners moved it to a different lot. Unfortunately, he didn't know where the house moved or have any information about Albert Maddox.

1:05 PM (another outside view of Parker Center): Joe and Bill return to the office and talk to Sgt. John Odom in the Narcotics Division about Albert Maddox. The address Odom has for Maddox is also the 211 East Wilber Street, which Joe tells him, is NG (no good) and it's now a vacant lot. John wads up the paper containing the address and throws it away. He suggests another pusher (Henry Lipscomb) and agrees to come along to help them, once Joe asks him to help.

1:40 PM: Friday, Gannon, and Odom approach the pusher's room. Odom gives a coded knock and replies to the girl who responds "I'd like to talk you, ya." She tells them to come in.

Henry, the pusher, gets up off the coach and talks to Sgt. John Odom. Sgt. Odom asks Henry about Maddox, while Gannon checks the rest of the apartment. Bill returns with one young male, who is out of it. Gannon says he'll call a Black & White. As Gannon leaves, Odom tells Henry there are no deals, but he'll tell Henry's parole officer what help he does give to Friday.

Friday starts to ask Henry about Maddox's new address. Henry is slow to respond because he's high. He tells Friday Maddox moved and Friday tells him he knows. Gannon returns from calling for a Black & White, while Henry begins looking for the address he wrote down earlier. He finds the address in his right pants' pocket and begins to hand it to Sgt. Odom, who points to Friday. Friday takes the address, looks at it, and wants Henry to verbally agree it is the current/new address. As Henry says he got it just today, there is a knock on the door. It obviously isn't the Black and White, as the person uses the same door knock code. Gannon answers the door and the person at the door sees Gannon, turns and runs away. Bill starts to take off but stops, as an officer from the Black and White grabs him.

Sgt. Odom recognizes the guy as Maddox and asks him if he's Henry's connection to which Maddox says no. Maddox claims he's been clean for three months, but Sgt. Odom isn't buying it. He gives Friday the chance to search and question Maddox. Joe and Bill take Maddox to a bedroom and begins doing both the questioning and searching. Maddox wonders about Joe and Bill as he knows every Narc in town. They tell him they are from Burglary.

Joe and Bill start popping questions at him quickly. He denies doing burglaries, but doesn't tell them how he makes his money. He says he's no longer popping. He uses the term house for the place robbed, to which Gannon asks how he knew it was a house and Maddox wants to know where. He claims he doesn't even know where the street is in Los Angeles. Friday asks about the Frontier Load Company (the pawnshop). Maddox asks if that's a pawnshop and when Friday says yes, he claims never to have been there or know the place. Gannon goes after him reading his description from the 822 form. Maddox claims the guy at the pawnshop is wrong, plain and simply wrong. Friday says "we'll let him tell us that after he looks at your picture." Friday tells Maddox to get undressed, as its time for the search. Gannon begins the search.

They find he has a temporary California driver's license. He has no illegal drugs on him or in his car. Friday admits he might not be the connection for whom the people were waiting or he hid the drugs before coming to the apartment. Sgt. Odom arrests the other four suspects on drug charges and everyone goes downtown to Parker Center. Friday books Albert Maddox as an accomplice to burglary.

3:15 PM: Friday and Gannon meet with the pawn broker (at his store) with Maddox's mug shot as well as several other similar criminals. He tells Joe and Bill the guy isn't in this photo lineup. Bill questions him how can this be as the guy he reported selling the gun is in the lineup. Friday reads the description from the 822 form and asks how the other man stacks up against this description. The broker tells them the difference. The other guy is taller, younger, and darker. He remembers the guy wore glasses and his eyes are dark.

Friday ask the broker why he wrote the 822 form up this way. The broker explains he wrote it down from the driver's license. He admits he made a mistake by copying it down instead of looking him over. He was busy at the time with a store full of customers waiting. Friday wants to know if the broker asked for additional identification beside the temporary driver's license. The broker said he did but that's all the guy had on him at the time. The broker also blames the temporary driver's license, as it doesn't have a photo on it. Friday and Gannon leave the story, as we leave for a commercial.

5 PM (Parker Center): Friday and Gannon interrogates Maddox for an hour and decide he had nothing to do with burglary. They are also sure he knows who did the crime. Friday and Gannon start to give Maddox a hard time about his license, how he let someone steal it away from him, use it to implicate him in a burglary, how the guy must be setting Maddox up for the fall. They tell Maddox someone has it in for him, as he's in here and the other guy is out on the street.

Friday leaves the room, goes out to other detectives, asking them to help track Maddox once he leaves. Friday thinks it's worth a try to follow him and hopefully Maddox will look up the real burglar. They ask when Maddox will get released, Friday responds now and they get up, leave, with Friday following them.

5:20 PM: A report has Maddox making a call at the first phone booth he found and then hailed a taxi.

5:45 PM: The radio dispatcher tells Friday the taxi took Maddox back to Union Street where he picked up his car. He was now driving North on the Golden State Freeway. 6:05 PM.

6:15 PM: Friday tells us at last report Maddox went to a motel room in Glendale and went inside. We arrive at the motel where we meet Pete, one of the trailing officers. He brings Friday and Gannon up to date. The room is cabin 5 and in the name of Tony Oliver who is in there and is alone. Bill wonders what happened to Maddox. Maddox left after 15 minutes and went home to his apartment. Friday tells Pete to call his partner and have him drop off and come back to pick Pete up. Friday believes with any luck this is the end of the line for their investigation. Pete asks if they need backup. Friday asks about back entrances and Pete says there are none. Friday thanks Pete, but says they can handle it.

Friday knocks on the door, a guy answers, Friday says invite us in; let's talk about a burglary, the guy backs a ways, and our heroes enter the motel room. Gannon does a quick pat down and says he's clean. Friday finds a bunch of stuff on the beds from the burglary (e.g. 8mm camera, jewelry box, and the jewelry). Friday asks for identification. Tony says he hasn't been in town long enough to get some. Friday asks him his name. He replies Tony Oliver. Gannon asks where he lives. He says here as he hasn't found a permanent place. Gannon asks where he's from. He replies back East. He asks for his glasses and points to them on the bed. Friday picks them up and gives them to the suspect. Friday then tells him he's under arrest. Friday starts giving him his Miranda Rights. Tony says he understands his right and admits the stuff around the room is stuff he took.

Tony, Bill, and Friday discuss how he got hold of Albert's driver's license and why he used it. Tony doesn't understand why Albert finked on him; after all he got his licks in on Tony. Tony puts his hand to his eye and say Albert hit him there. Gannon points out Tony didn't do Albert any favors. Tony says he didn't do it deliberately, as he never pawned anything before and didn't know you needed identification. Friday asks how he got the license. Tony says Albert lent to Tony his car and Albert kinda of lent the license to him, too. Tony took the temporary license in case he got stopped. Friday said any policeman would notice the difference in the description. Tony replies the pawnshop guy didn't notice. Friday responds simply, he's not a policeman. Gannon asks if Maddox know what Tony was going to do with his car. Tony replies, Albert lent him the car so he could get some bread and Albert didn't care how Tony did it.

Friday asks Tony, if he's hooked. Tony says he needs a lift from time to time. Friday changes the topic to how many jobs Tony pulled (at the start of the episode there were fifteen outstanding burglaries). Tony insists this was his one and only job. Friday is having a hard time believing him as a lot of the stuff isn't on the Haven's police report. Tony says not to hang some unsolved burglaries on him. He did one; count them one, only one. Friday replies, one is all it takes, Son.

At Parker Center Tony admits he found the $380.00 in Mrs. Haven's jewelry box, which went to Albert Maddox to pay his tab for drugs previously used by Tony. The suspect continues to say his name is Tony, he's 21, and is from back East. This is all he'll admit to about his identity. Joe and Bill go off by themselves and discuss the boy and the case. The job looks like a professional one, but he says it's his first. Joe has a hunch Tony is the Haven's Son who is suppose to be in college. Gannon calls Mr. and Mrs. Haven and asks them to come down to identify their property. They agree to come down right away.

7:35 PM: Mr. and Mrs. Haven arrive at the office. Mr. Haven tells Joe right off the call surprised him as he didn't expect to get anything back. Joe tells him most everything is here, except the shotgun, which got pawned. They have a hold on it and the police will return it to Mr. Haven. Joe asks them to take a good hard look, as either they didn't list everything or the other property is part of another crime. They agree everything there is their property, even after some additional questions by Friday. Mr. Haven thinks the burglar must be a real pro, with as much as he took. Friday says the suspect claims it's his first job and he needs the money to buy drugs. Mr. Haven makes a long speech about drug users, weirdoes moving into his neighborhood, how the suspect must be a spying neighbor or a real professional. Friday offers to let them see the suspect and points to the boy.

Mrs. Haven immediately recognizes her Son, Ross. Mr. Haven wants to make sure he's hearing this all correctly. He turns to Friday who shakes his head yes. He then asks his Son, if this is all true. Ross hangs his head in shame, and Mrs. Haven can't accept it. Mr. Haven says it's true to his wife. He points to all the property saying it all right there in front of you. He tells her it explains why his grades dropped off and goes on to say it's her Son who is a drug addict. She corrects him. He's our Son. Mr. Haven starts to disown his own Son, saying he wants no part of him. He points to Ross saying look he can't even look at you and after all they've done for him. Mr. Haven disowns his Son telling him he's just another thief and the law can take its course. He tells his wife, they are leaving.

Friday puts up his arm to stop Mr. Haven saying just a minute and asks them both to sit down. Mr. Haven says he'll gladly press charges against Ross. Friday shows a not often seen side of him. He starts speaking on behalf of the drug user. He asks Mr. Haven is that how he'd react, if Ross had cancer. Mr. Haven starts rejecting the concept of drug addiction being the same as a disease. After all he did it to himself, not some virus. Friday goes into his normal speech of how one goes from weed to the hard drugs. Still Mr. Haven needs more. Mrs. Haven asks isn't it too late to help Ross other than to turn their backs on him. Friday says no as the police will be petitioning to have him committed under the California Civil Addict Program. Mr. Haven asks if it can cure him. Friday says, yes, sir, there is a chance but he'll need your help. All you can give him. Mr. Haven asks, what more can I do that I haven't done already. Friday quickly and with confidence replies, you have to start off wanting to help. This is the turning point, as Mr. Haven asks more questions on what they can do to help their Son. Friday says the step is to reinstate him as your Son. We hear warm music followed by up lifting music.

Mrs. Haven followed by her husband get up and walk towards their Son, Ross. Mr. Haven starts telling their Son the police will be asking the court to send him to a hospital. Ross says they won't need to as he'll volunteer to go to it. Mr. Haven finally calls him Son to his face and we have more music, and hugging. Bill and Joe walk towards the camera and quietly shake their heads in satisfaction.

The Superior Court, Department 95, of the State of California, for the County of Los Angeles held a hearing on February 6, 1970. The court found Ross Haven addicted to narcotics after an evaluation by two medical doctors and a hearing by court. The court committed Ross Haven to the California Rehabilitation Center in Corona, California.