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NBC (ended 1970)

Hello! I know there hasn't been a lot of discussion, but . . .

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    I've been the editor for awhile and until this last weekend, hadn't worried about the forums. I became the editor because of my contributions and not because of a desire to be the editor. IMHO, TV.com picks the editors in a strange manner, but such is life. I won't turn it down, as I like the ability to not worry about waiting on approval. It is a nice perk.

    I'm not going to shirk my responsibility, though. As editor, I'll be watching the forum, the approval queue, etc. I look forward to your participation in this place to share information about a wonderful TV series.

    I recently purchased copies of the Dragnet DVD from Amazon.com. I know the publisher of these DVD(s) cut some of the episodes (parts they don't feel are important). I dislike this fact and should people want to discuss it, I'd be happy to see a thread or two on this topic.

    I'm hoping to keep this thread up to date by editing it as stuff changes over time. The topic / purpose is to talk about our work together on sharing Dragnet information.

    I look forward to our participation together.


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