Season 2 Episode 1

The Big Bang a.k.a. The Grenade

Aired Thursday 9:30 PM Sep 14, 1967 on NBC

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  • Jan-Michael Vincent's first television appearance!


    This episode is the typical good episode the show was known for. The brief appearances of a teenaged surfer boy Jan-Michael Vincent is a plus! He does a good job and you can see why a scout thought he'd do well in the business.

    The thing that sticks out in this episode is the cinematography. The lighting is more typical of movies of the day, more dramatic. And it looks like this episode was shot on 35mm film rather than 16mm with higher quality lenses. The transfer to video is very good with a very clear picture and the colors are rich and vibrant, unusual for this show.

    Also making his first television appearance was John Rubinstein, who would go on to be one of the most seen character actors of the following 35 years.