Season 2 Episode 21

The Big Clan

Aired Thursday 9:30 PM Feb 08, 1968 on NBC

Episode Recap

Teaser. Friday and Gannon are working the day watch out of Frauds Division, Bunco Section. The boss is Capt. Lambert.

Act One. Friday, Gannon and Lambert are discussing current Gypsy Bunco schemes and their attempts to bribe officials. Lambert tells them that Dallas Andrews, a San Francisco fortune teller wants to meet with them to give them tips on gypsy criminal activity in Los Angeles. Friday and Gannon meet her the next day and she offers them bribes to prosecute their competitors and leave their readers alone. Their contact is her son-in-law, Billy Catcher, the self-appointed King of the Gypsies. She tells them she will give them a list of the 58 competitor locations and the six locations they currently run.

Act Two. After Friday and Gannon inform Lambert of the results of their meeting with Dallas Andrews, they interview a bunco victim, Mrs Faye Sager, an elderly lady who was swindled out of $15,000 by a fortune teller named Mother Maria. Friday tells her that most gypsies are not like those portrayed in the movies. They ask her to look at the gypsy mug book for Mother Maria and she picks out the lady. They put out an APB on the woman and then wait for the call from Dallas Andrews. They receive a tape recorder and microphone to be hidden in their car. Friday picks up Andrews and Catcher and they drive to a remote location. The gypsies lay out the scheme and give Friday a clip with $11,000 as a down payment to make Mother Maria's warrant go away. Friday was to receive $100 a month from each location. After the meeting, Friday and Gannon give the money and the tape recording to Capt. Lambert and type up their reports for the D.A.

Act Three. The next day Friday and a policewoman (part of a number of male/female sting teams) visit one of the reader locations. They bust the operator and also arrest Mother Maria. As they are walking out, another potential victim shows up with $45,000 that she was planning on giving to Mother Maria. Back at the station, Dallas Andrews and Billy Catcher show up to give Friday heck for the busts and they are arrested for bribery.

"On June 20th, trial was held in Department 184, Superior Court of the State of California, for the County of Los Angeles."

Epilog. The court found Dallas Andrews and Billy Catcher guilty of bribery and sent both to state prison. Bribery is punishable by a sentence in the state prison for a term of not less than one year and not more than fourteen years.

The court found Fatima Goldring (alias Mother Maria) guilty of grand theft and sent to state prison. Grand theft is punishable by a sentence in state prison for not more than ten years.