Season 2 Episode 8

The Big High

Aired Thursday 9:30 PM Nov 02, 1967 on NBC

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    I wanted to kill those parents at the end of the episode. Their lifestyle ultimately led to the death of their child - the parents were busy getting high and forgot to check on little Robin in the tub! Sad end, I'm surprised it doesn't snap today's young parents who use drugs into reality!
  • Disgusting, destructive propaganda

    Contrary to the other review here, this was not an episode "before it's time," but a sad example of the propaganda and falsehoods of it's time. On the one hand, it's hysterically funny, they treat like some kind of nut a young man describing almost perfectly what's happened in recent years, that marijuana prohibition is crumbling away and more and more states are legalizing, and that the supposed "health effects" are proving to be bald-faced lies. Friday's little lecture about how people start with marijuana and end up using heroin is often repeated in these Jack Webb has been documented false as well. Now, I say "on one hand, it's But, know what's not funny? The hundreds of thousands of lives and families destroyed by the idiocy of these laws and the pathetic lies Jack Webb took such glee in shoveling. Or the young people who saw this slop and said "Oh, marijuana's going to turn me into an addict! I better drink this whiskey, It can be seen as a ridiculous period piece, except for the tragedy that people still swallow this pack of lies. Oh, and at the end, they treat as if the mother got off without throw in as an afterthought that she was being "held" at a state hospital for the mentally ill. One truly hopes at some point Webb figured out how totally out to lunch his opinion on this subject was, but it's doubtful. Here we are some 40 years later and still people (including our supposedly "liberal" president) are still drinking the same koolaid.
  • Another drug-related episode that is ahead of its time.

    As in "The LSD Story" (aka "The Blue Boy" episode), the first episode of the Dragnet revival, this one deals with drugs, and a concerned parent, only this time the drug in question is marijuana, or "pot". By itself it's not as harmfull as LSD, cocaine, or heroin, but, as Friday explains in another famous lecture (even though he says it isn't a lecture), every addict of the harder stuff starts out with marijuana. He tells this to a young couple at their home, a visit prompted by a visit to LAPD headquarters by the bride's concerened father, concerened primarily about his baby grandchild. The bride and groom are arrogant in their defense of the drug. The man prophesies that marijuana will soon be legalized, and hails the "new moraility". Unfortunately, his prediction is not entirely off the mark. But neither was Friday's, who foresaw tragedy if this couple kept on the way they did. The couple otherwise seem well off, and the child well cared for, while compassionate lady cop Dorothy Miller has her hands full with cases of child abuse already occurring, so there isn't much Friday and Gannon can do- until it's too late.