Season 1 Episode 1

The Big L.S.D

Aired Thursday 9:30 PM Jan 12, 1967 on NBC
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Friday and Gannon are introduced to a new drug called LSD when they receive a call of young man known on the street as "Blue Boy" who has a painted face and is chewing the bark off a tree in a vacant lot. Several months pass before legislation is passed that allows them to start combating the sale and distribution of the drug, which turns out to be too late for at least one user.


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  • Dismissed as campy by some, it has an important and timely message.

    "The LSD Story", also known as "Blue Boy" because of the leading guest character's painted face, is about a group of teens, led by Michael Burns as the Blue Boy, who deal in and take LSD, a popular narcotic among the counter culture at the time (1960s). Friday and Gannon do their best to stop the kids from ruining themselves and others, but to no avail. After all, they're just a couple of old fogies. They're not with the in crowd. To the in crowd, LSD is the thing to do. It's happening, man! Well, what happened at the end was a tragedy foreseen by Friday and Gannon.

    This is an excellent period piece, and serves as a classic commentary on the drug culture of the 1960s. Small wonder it was chosen as one of the 100 best TV episodes of all time. What else could you expect from "Dragnet", both the '50s and '60s versions? It was also the first episode of the 1960s color revival series. The original B&W series is listed as "Dragnet (1951)".moreless
Eve Brent

Eve Brent

Mrs. Carver

Guest Star

Michael Burns

Michael Burns

Benjie "Blue Boy" Carver

Guest Star

Olan Soule

Olan Soule

Ray Murray

Guest Star

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  • TRIVIA (10)

    • Dragnet: 1967
      Date: Tuesday, March 15
      Weather: Fair
      Working: Day Watch, Juvenile Narcotics
      Boss: Captain Richey

    • This is the series first Corner's inquest. It is also the series first ending report on the suspect or suspects from the episode.

    • According to Friday the parade of teenagers on the Sunset strip begins at Laurel Canyon and Sunset and ends at Doheny, on the weekends.

    • The first arrest in the series is of Benjamin "Blue Boy" Carver for violation of section 160 of the Welfare and Institution Code. It says he's in danger of leading an idle, dissolute or immoral life. The courts uphold the petition, so it both the first arrest and convection in the series. This arrest is not at the end of the episode, but during it.

    • The first suspect in the series (Benjie "Blue Boy" Carver) ends up dead by the end of the episode.

    • The first arrest in the series is of "Blue Boy" who is tripping on something. Friday is the person to give a suspect his Constitutional Rights in the series.

    • Gannon's first words in the series are "Yeah?"

    • The first characters, in the series, seen are Joe Friday and Bill Gannon. They enter the series and their place of work through a glass door.

    • The first person to speak in this series is Joe Friday / Jack Webb, as he does with every episode when he introduces us to the city. The first person to speak after the introduction was Captain Richey (whom Friday calls Skipper).

    • Throughout the series you can hear jazz music playing in several episodes. Jack Webb loved jazz music in real life and had a bunch of jazz record albums. He even recorded a jazz album.

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