Season 1 Episode 1

The Big L.S.D

Aired Thursday 9:30 PM Jan 12, 1967 on NBC

Episode Recap

TV Rating: TV-G

Opening / Teaser: The Big Search / Main Titles

This is the city Los Angeles California. It is a fine place to enjoy life. There are places reserved just for kids when they're young and feel young. Places to go when they're young and feel old beginning the big search for something that often doesn't exist in the places they look for it. They might find it here (picture of a Church), or here (Synagogue), or maybe here (another Church). They could try looking here (Griffith Observatory). Their search might end with a college degree. One thing's sure. Whatever they're looking for can't be found inside a number five capsule. When they try, that's where I come in. I carry a badge.

Los Angeles
Police Department
Juvenile Division

It was Tuesday, March 15. It was fair in Los Angeles. We were working the day watch out of Juvenile Narcotics. (Friday and Gannon enter the building and begin walking down a hallway.) My partner's Bill Gannon. The boss is Captain Richey. My name's Friday.

A powerful new drug, capable of producing weird and dangerous hallucinations, had found its way onto the streets of the city. It had fallen into the hand of juvenile experimenters. We had to try and stop it. (Friday and Gannon meet up with their boss Captain Richey (at least Friday calls him Skipper in Act I) outside of what looks to be his office.)

Opening Titles for Dragnet 1967

Act I: Strange Behaving Juvenile

The Skipper informs Friday and Gannon a woman is reporting a kid painted up like an Indian and chewing the bark off of a tree. He sends them over to investigate and resolve the situation.

14:08: Bill and Friday leave the George Street Juvenile and headed to 1200 Loma Linda Avenue, which is 8 blocks away. It took them four and an half minutes to reach the location. The boy is really tripping. He says he can see all the way to the center of the Earth. Down there is a Purple flame, it is the pilot light of all creation and reality (he had his head stuck in the ground). His shirt says: "Live and Let Live" "Down with Fuzz"

Joe keeps asking him his name and the boy replies you can see it, if you look hard enough. A few moments later he says it is "Blue Boy." Gannon wonders if the boy is on Cartwheels. Friday says he thinks it is that thing called acid that they have been hearing about, since he has sugar cubes on him.

Friday give Blue boy his Constitutional rights. He has the right to remain silent, any statement he makes may be used against him in a court of law; He has the right to the presence of an attorney. If he can't afford one, one will be appointed before any questioning. Friday asks this spaced out kid, if he understands his rights.

Blue Boy (Blue on his Right side and Yellow on his Left side) ignores Friday and says he's over there now, instead of no longer being over here. He says his hair is Green and he's a tree.

Gannon asks Friday if he's ever seen someone this torn up before today. Blue Boy gives us his take on life and death. Even if you die, your mind lives on. He now feels Friday and Gannon are dirty disbelievers. He calls them evil and attacks Gannon.

While Gannon handcuffs Blue boy, he starts yelling colors, such as Brown, Blue, Yellow, Green, Green again, Orange, Red, Red three more times. He can now hear the colors, all of them! Gannon notices the boy tore his suit jacket.

14:20: Friday and Gannon take the suspect to Central Receiving Hospital at an address of 1401. The examining doctor says he's under the influence of an unknown drug.

15:00: They return to Juvenile Division and take Blue box with them up to the Narcotics Unit. He seems calmer, but uses a file folder as a hat. After hearing his rights again, he says he doesn't need a lawyer, as he didn't break the law. Captain Richey says there are laws again taking drugs, but he says not his drugs there isn't a law.

He says the sugar cubes are the key to the kingdom and then says he's on a train and he's crossing over. Then all of a sudden he makes the sound of a train engine whistle and throws stuff around him up in the air. Friday puts him back into his chair and tells him to stay there, to which the boys says he is the chair over and over again. Friday, Gannon, and the Captain confer. He orders them to get the sugar cubes to the crime lab.

Friday and Gannon take the cubes to the Scientific Investigation Division at the downtown Los Angeles police building. Forensic chemist, Ray Murray, listens to Friday and Gannon's report and examines the cubes. He says it is a relatively new drug, developed in Switzerland virtually by accident. The Swiss biochemist Hoffman came up with the drug in 1938. It goes by the name Lysergic Acid Diethylamide, LSD-25. Gannon wants to know if it is addictive, to which Ray says it's new and no one knows.

Ray begins to explain what they do know about it. He tells them the story of a guy who has been in the LA County Jail for six months is still having trips. The latest one is as, though, he just got a fresh dose. (He doesn't comment on the possibility someone sold him some LSD, while in the LA County Jail.) He explains how it seems to work differently than other drugs, such heroin, alcohol, which is a depressant. According to Ray LSD makes you think your mental processes are faster. He also goes into the various known and FUD issues of the drug. Friday complains there are no laws preventing or controlling LSD-25.

16:00: Friday and Gannon leave the crime lab and return to Georgia Street Juvenile. We find out 1 kilo of LSD (2.2 lbs) can become five to ten million doses. LSD is so potent that a single pound (less than half a kilo) could turn every person (all seven million) in LA into a total psychotic.

16:15: Friday and Gannon arrive at the Georgia Street Juvenile Division. Friday reports to the Captain the Carver (Blue) boy is on LSD. The Captain can't figure out how it is reaching boys, such as Blue boy, after all it is selling for $7 to $10 a cap (per Gannon).

Friday and Gannon meet Mr. and Mrs. Carver. Mr. Carver can't believe they arrested his Son. He points out LSD isn't illegal, but the Captain says while that may be true his behavior and how it affected him isn't legal. His Mother says his face being Blue and Yellow is most likely a high school initiation or a fad, such as dressing up like those English singers, The Beatles or the Rolling Stones. Gannon tries to use his being a Father as an example of how they need to worry and respond in an active way to his behavior. The Father wants to take him home and says he should get his attorneys involved. His Mother says he's not under the influence and has him say he isn't, which enough proof for her that he's just fine. Finally, the Father says they will not arrest his Son. It is at this point the Captain ends the discussion by ordering Friday and Gannon to book the boy on violation of 601.

Friday and Gannon take Benjamin Carver away for booking under section 601 of the Welfare and Institution Code. It says he's in danger of leading an idle, dissolute or immoral life and they are holding him for his own protection.

Tuesday, May 10 at 17:30: The Los Angele Juvenile Court hears the case of the state verses Benjamin Carver. While there is now law covering LSD, the court did uphold the petition for the violation of 601 WIC. The court placed him on six months probation and released him to his parents. Outside the building, while Friday was lighting up a cigarette, the Carver boy borrowed a light from Friday for his own cigarette.

Act II: Dangerous Drug

Thursday, May 12 at 15:38: Sergeants Eugene Zappey and Dominic Carr introduce Friday and Gannon to two female juveniles (one is 15 and the other turned 14 last week). They are coming down from using LSD and are sick from the experience. They state it is Blue Boy who sold them the doses. The price is now $3 for a cap (down from the previous $7 to $10). Gannon speculates what will happen when the price hits 50 cents a cap. He thinks the kids in grammar school will have a great time at recess. On Friday and Saturday night there is a bus that takes you to an acid party ("Can you pass the acid test" is the slogan) for only $1/ride. Friday again complains about not having a law to help them out.

Wednesday, October 5 (Six Months later) at 09:00: Friday discusses the LSD language. The drug goes by many names, such as the ticket, the ghost, the beast, the chief, the hawk, or simply 25. Users go by names, such as acidheads or acid freaks. A trip still refers to the taking LSD, but now there are words defining the type of trip, such as bum trip and freak out. Sellers are travel agents, such as Blue boy. As LSD takes up to 45 minutes to take effect on the acidhead, they spend this time inhaling marijuana.

The Skipper shows up with great news for Friday and Gannon. In 48 hours there will be U.S. Federal and C.A. State laws covering all aspects of LSD. It will be legal to make, sell, take, or possess LSD. For CA it is on page 38, Division 10.5, Chapter 11, Section 11901.

Monday, October 10 at 14:35: Friday and Gannon are going over reports about Blue boy and his being a supplier. They are preparing to go after Blue Boy assuming he continues to sell even after the law goes into effect. Detectives bring on a juvenile who has six caps on him. They turn him and he agrees to testify against his travel agent – Blue Boy. On this, they obtain an arrest warrant for Benjamin Carver.

16:30: Friday and Gannon arrive at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Carver (17 Eagle Crest Drive) and talk to his Mother. She says he moved out three months ago and is wondering what he did now. Friday says they want him for selling drugs to a minor. She says another minor you mean and he say no. He's 18 and an adult. The Mother apologizes to Friday and Gannon on behalf of her and her husband for their behavior back in the police station. She admits they were right about their Son, his drug use, and LSD. She asks them for a favor. When they find him, please, tell him they still love him. Friday agrees. A search turns nothing.

Friday, December 9 at 20:30: Friday and Gannon hit the Sunset strip looking for Blue Boy. The warrant has been out, since October and in the hands of City and County units, they hoped the suspect will turn up soon. Friday describes the conditions on the strip.

20:45: Friday and Gannon show the mug shots of Blue Boy Carver around and to the LA County Sheriffs who patrol the Strip.

20:53: A couple of them think they recognize him, but aren't sure. The girls from earlier (who had a Blue Boy trip while LSD was still legal) see Friday and Gannon and call to them. They stop to say hi and admit Blue Boy invited them to an acid party, but they turned him down. Friday wants the address and the girls turn it over with any problems.

Act III: Further Out

20:18: Friday and Gannon arrive at the address given to them by the two girls. Friday and Gannon enter the house, which isn't even locked. Inside they find multiple men and women spaced and tripping out. One is eating paint from his brushes; another is climbing a wall, as if she's climbing stairs, etc. They find many caps and other illegal drugs. Calling for backup, they have the Black and White units take these users in for processing, as they get a tip that Carver bought 3,000 empty caps.

11:40 PM: Within 12 minutes of leaving the acid trip house, they arrive at the Apex Pharmacy, which is at the intersection of Vermont and Wilcox. Friday and Gannon get the delivery address and hope it will lead them to Blue Boy.

Midnight: Friday and Gannon arrive at the Macon Apartments on West Beverly and talk to the apartment manager. She tells them she almost called the police because of the noise from Carver's apartment, but didn't as they quieted down about an hour ago. Friday obtains a pass key from her.

Friday enters a well kept, neat and clean apartment with nice furniture, but a slight mess of newspapers on the coffee table. Across from the door is Philip Jameson, 18, who is sitting on the floor in casual, but nice clothes. He's sad / down and concerned that his friend, Benjie, hasn't moved in over an hour. Gannon finds a bowl of LSD and other pills. Philip says Benjie has been taking them all day long, because he wanted to get out as far as he could get himself. Friday approaches Blue Boy and checks his pulse. He's dead.

The story you have just heard is true. The names were changed to protect the innocent. On December 15, a Coroner's inquest was held at the County Morgue, Hall of Justice, City and County of Los Angeles. In a moment, the results of that inquest.

Epilogue: In a moment the results of that hearing . . .

The coroner's jury ruled that 18 year old Benjamin John Carver had administered himself an overdose of LSD and various barbiturates and thus taken his own life.

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