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Dragon Ball GT is the continuation of Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball. Goku is accidentally wished back into his child form thanks to Pilaf trying to use the Black Star Dragon Balls. Now he, along with a grown up Trunks and his granddaughter Pan, must travel the universe to search for these Black Star Dragon Balls and return them to the Earth within one year, or the Earth will be destroyed. Of course it's not going to be easy, but with the help of a robotic friend named Giru they're sure to succeed. The bigger question is what new dangers will await our heroes in space and when they return to Earth? The Dragon Ball GT Rap: Witness the ultimate battle between the greatest of the greatest in all the worlds. Take the Grand Tour, Grand Tour, GT. Step Into the Grand Tour, Grand Tour, Grand Tour, Step Into the Grand Tour, Grand Tour, Grand Tour, Dragon Ball GT! Step Into the Grand Tour, A brand new adventure begins, Another challenge for Goku and his friends. Now he's a Saiyan strong, Pilaf makes him a child again. The Dragon Balls are turning, burning to end the world and everything within: the ultimate battle between good and evil, Who's gonna win? When the sand clock dictates the consequence will our heroes have the strength to be the last line of defense? Your wish has been granted. Step into the Grand Tour, Dragon Ball GT!moreless

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    Fan Reviews (136)

    • Dragon Ball GT and what I thought

      Dragon Ball GT, this show has hated by hundreds of the dragon ball community, for years I have been a part of the hate, I although have not watched GT for years, staying away from the series because of all the negative complaints towards the show. But, being a huge fan of DBZ I can't truly say my piece on the series without trying it out. After years of playing the games and absolutely loving any of the characters from GT in them, they sparked my interest in the show, I went in with the mentality that I know that this isn't from the original creator and its bound to be different. I was pleasantly surprised, after about 7-8 years of bad talking the show, I actually really enjoyed it. I of course prefer Z or the original show but this series had its moments.

      What GT lacks in the story department it makes up in some pretty cool fights and visuals, and with the intro aside the music was really good throughout the series. I do agree with some fans that some of enemy designs were lame, but I feel the good out way the bad. I understand why this series gets the hate it does but really it's not half bad, and if you don't like it, just remember its not considered cannon. (Along with all of the movies aside from Battle of gods I think and the upcoming

      with all that aside I say give the show a try, go in with an open mind, I could just have a better opinion towards this show because I myself make fan comics of this series and I feel that this series is just a more professional fan creation,

      it may not be cannon but it can be a fun little adventure

      I enjoyed it and I feel you will toomoreless
    • An abortion of a show that should have never seen the light of day

      Do you know what's the maximum level of *** a person can achieve? Well, the answer is simple: Defending Dragon Ball GT. If a person defends Dragon Ball GT, this individual went way beyond full *** and nothing s/he says should ever be taken seriously at all.

      DBGT isn't hated just because it isn't based off the manga, you imbeciles, it's just a terrible show full of plot holes, full of pointless plots that doesn't go anywhere, full of dissapointing fights, full of shit.

      SSJ4 with pink hair. Let that sink for a moment for you.

      Goku turns into a big ass GOLDEN ape, and then turns into a Pink monkey guy. With pants, apparently.

      Clothes miraclously appear in GT.

      Those forced, tear jerking flashbacks moments with Pan.


      Oh oh, better question, why the fuck does Picollo have to die again? To destroy the Black star dragon balls, sure. But here's the thing, don't do that, one more thing, did they forgot about the fucking Namek dragon balls? Why don't ask Kibito to go to Namek (HE CAN TELEPORT), wish for the people in Earth to be teleported to a safe planet before the planet goes boom, then wish earth back when it goes boom, then wish for the people to go back to earth, SIMPLE!

      One more thing, why the fuck didn't they wish for Goku to go back to his normal form? I mean, holy shit, they are constantly getting attacked by aliens and shit, and people is like "hehe, goku is a kid again, so funny".

      Baby's saga was cool though. Wish it had more backstory about the Tuffles.

      Also, i don't like that Vegeta changed his ways so much, like, in the Buu saga, he let Babidi to take control of him, sure, but he despised that idea.

      In GT, he was like, "brb, 5 mins, gonna turn SSJ4 #swag", i mean, WTF!, he was so proud and shit, and in GT is like he doesn't give a shit anymore, he will take any power up, boost, or anything like candy. I don't like that. That's so out of character it hurts.moreless
    • Not bad but want made right all in all.

      I can't hate GT like everyone here, it was all we got after the original series and I have to admit I wanted more. But it was more disappointing to learn that it wasn't even created by Mr. Akira though. If I had known that before hand I probably wouldn't have watched it just beacuse it wasn't made right from the get go like that. Most people hate Pan for some reason but what would you expect, a more shy character like Gohan was, she's more like Videl but also more Sayain. Also Super Sayain 4 was cool in my opinion and pretty bold, but a little hard to grasp the way they did it. It's hard to say witch way I would prefer Goku evolved naturally or through this or the ssj God form. The revenge of the Tuffles was an inspired villan of the story, but it was just to trek the story around the universe which they could have done better. It all seems like just a rushed experiment of the series that they could have made in so many ways its not completly solid. Just not completely enjoyable for some parts and it really need refinement.moreless
    • Its not as bad as everyone says

      Dragonball was a close series to my heart along with the better known series Dragonball Z, when i caught on that they were making a new the first episode happened,which heavily lowered my watching the entire series start to finish its certainly not as good as Z but its still not as bad as everyone says it Pan is a annoying ***muffin but having one bad character on a show doesnt ruin the entire you still hated it remember,it brought us the Super Saiyan 4 transformation (the fighting game fans know what im talking about). Overalldid tie up alot of loose ends such as Android #17 walking around at the end of the Buu saga, and what did Goku do with show still wo came if it ended with Z but overall GT wasnt the worst but not the bestmoreless
    • The great demise

      Pan holds a special place in my heart. Whenever a woman in my life is acting nutty, I compare her to Pan. And in the end, no real person could act like such a terrible C**T,(starts off like Cat ends like rUNT). Anything good in the GT era of Dragon Ball was overshadowed by Pans awful screen presence. As a reference I give all other DB tv series a 10 / 10. GT gets a 2

      That's all folks.moreless

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