Dragon Ball GT

Season 2 Episode 10

Baby's Arrival

Aired Weekdays 10:30 PM Jan 09, 2004 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

The Z fighters in space continue their search for the Dragon balls, but at the same time something new has wandered to Earth. Earth is receiving new people from space every day, and that always mean that Baby could arrive.

Chi Chi, Bulla, Bulma, Goten, and Vegeta begin to wonder where the others could be. The year is almost up, and they don't want to die. To ease some of the tension, Vegeta decides to shave his mustache with a little push from Bulla. Vegeta decides to make it where every one knows, but they just choose to ignore him.

Goten then leaves for his big date. Valese, the girl he's with, is on the rebound, so Goten decides to turn on his charm in the big city. He listens to her every word and takes her every where she wants to go.

Then some fights breaks out in the city. Hercule Satan decides to try and break it up, but his age and strength don't compare. Just then Goten arrives. Hercule manages to convince him to fight. Goten dispatches the first person easily enough, but then a second man with energy blasts arrives. Goten senses a power from within the man, but he has no idea that it's Baby in disguise. The fight between the two begins, but will Goten have a chance to win? Find out on the next GT.