Dragon Ball GT

Season 2 Episode 10

Baby's Arrival

Aired Weekdays 10:30 PM Jan 09, 2004 on Cartoon Network



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    • Baby: You there! You're a Saiyan, aren't you?!
      Goten: Maybe, what business is it of yours?
      Baby: Yes, I get the deal now. Your energy signature is similar to that of Goku.
      Goten: What?! How do you know of my father?!
      Baby: Well now, here's a twist. He is a boy, and yet he is your father. Yes, very strange. But then, I'm pretty strange myself. Let me just say I'm here to confiscate your body. Sound good? I'd like to use it to defeat your father.
      Goten: Mr. Satan, this guy is much stronger than any we have ever fought before. Please do me a favor. Get Velise to some place that is safe!
      Mr.Satan: All right, then.

    • Goten: Mr.Satan how are you doing? Is it me it is such a long time you remember me. Don't you? I'm Goten Gohan's young brother.

    • Goten: Really am think I am the luckiest guy in the whole world!

    • Mr.Satan: There no life that is bright than a love life as I always say.

    • Goten: (referring to his girlfriend, Felice) She looks too innocent and sweet.
      (A big explosion happens that both of them hear)
      Velise: What's happening, Goten?
      Goten: I'm not sure!
      Velise: Maybe it's a festival.
      Goten: I like the way you look at things Velise. What I mean is, I like the way you look at things in a positive way. What do you say we eat our cones?
      Velise: Sure!
      (Goten keeps laughing as he reacts to what Velise is saying)

    • Goku: Here it is guy the seventh star Dragon ball. Awesome! Just two more too go.
      Trunks: Two more and we can go home bound.
      Pan: Yeah. Let's round them up!

    • ChiChi: I just want to be my Pan okay.
      Bulma: I know what you means. I miss Trunks but hey Goku is up there it all work out.
      ChiChi: I hope so. But he is a boy now not men remember.
      Bulma: Yeah, that's true but that never stopped him in the old days. I'm sure there was just fine.

    • Bulma: Notice anything different with Vegeta today Chi Chi?
      (Chi Chi looking at Vegeta curiously in replied with Bulma questioned)
      Vegeta: I looking vigorously here you idiot! Damn!
      Bulma: He thinks he should be a front page news.

    • Goten: You are the prettiest face I haven't seen? What? Why I didn't told you because this is the first time. Seriously that's really sweet. Why don't we let go out?
      Chi Chi: Goten be careful with how you act with those city women!
      Goten: Mom give me a break.

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