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  • Dragon Ball GT and what I thought

    Dragon Ball GT, this show has hated by hundreds of the dragon ball community, for years I have been a part of the hate, I although have not watched GT for years, staying away from the series because of all the negative complaints towards the show. But, being a huge fan of DBZ I can't truly say my piece on the series without trying it out. After years of playing the games and absolutely loving any of the characters from GT in them, they sparked my interest in the show, I went in with the mentality that I know that this isn't from the original creator and its bound to be different. I was pleasantly surprised, after about 7-8 years of bad talking the show, I actually really enjoyed it. I of course prefer Z or the original show but this series had its moments.

    What GT lacks in the story department it makes up in some pretty cool fights and visuals, and with the intro aside the music was really good throughout the series. I do agree with some fans that some of enemy designs were lame, but I feel the good out way the bad. I understand why this series gets the hate it does but really it's not half bad, and if you don't like it, just remember its not considered cannon. (Along with all of the movies aside from Battle of gods I think and the upcoming

    with all that aside I say give the show a try, go in with an open mind, I could just have a better opinion towards this show because I myself make fan comics of this series and I feel that this series is just a more professional fan creation,

    it may not be cannon but it can be a fun little adventure

    I enjoyed it and I feel you will too
  • An abortion of a show that should have never seen the light of day

    Do you know what's the maximum level of *** a person can achieve? Well, the answer is simple: Defending Dragon Ball GT. If a person defends Dragon Ball GT, this individual went way beyond full *** and nothing s/he says should ever be taken seriously at all.

    DBGT isn't hated just because it isn't based off the manga, you imbeciles, it's just a terrible show full of plot holes, full of pointless plots that doesn't go anywhere, full of dissapointing fights, full of shit.

    SSJ4 with pink hair. Let that sink for a moment for you.

    Goku turns into a big ass GOLDEN ape, and then turns into a Pink monkey guy. With pants, apparently.

    Clothes miraclously appear in GT.

    Those forced, tear jerking flashbacks moments with Pan.


    Oh oh, better question, why the fuck does Picollo have to die again? To destroy the Black star dragon balls, sure. But here's the thing, don't do that, one more thing, did they forgot about the fucking Namek dragon balls? Why don't ask Kibito to go to Namek (HE CAN TELEPORT), wish for the people in Earth to be teleported to a safe planet before the planet goes boom, then wish earth back when it goes boom, then wish for the people to go back to earth, SIMPLE!

    One more thing, why the fuck didn't they wish for Goku to go back to his normal form? I mean, holy shit, they are constantly getting attacked by aliens and shit, and people is like "hehe, goku is a kid again, so funny".

    Baby's saga was cool though. Wish it had more backstory about the Tuffles.

    Also, i don't like that Vegeta changed his ways so much, like, in the Buu saga, he let Babidi to take control of him, sure, but he despised that idea.

    In GT, he was like, "brb, 5 mins, gonna turn SSJ4 #swag", i mean, WTF!, he was so proud and shit, and in GT is like he doesn't give a shit anymore, he will take any power up, boost, or anything like candy. I don't like that. That's so out of character it hurts.
  • Not bad but want made right all in all.

    I can't hate GT like everyone here, it was all we got after the original series and I have to admit I wanted more. But it was more disappointing to learn that it wasn't even created by Mr. Akira though. If I had known that before hand I probably wouldn't have watched it just beacuse it wasn't made right from the get go like that. Most people hate Pan for some reason but what would you expect, a more shy character like Gohan was, she's more like Videl but also more Sayain. Also Super Sayain 4 was cool in my opinion and pretty bold, but a little hard to grasp the way they did it. It's hard to say witch way I would prefer Goku evolved naturally or through this or the ssj God form. The revenge of the Tuffles was an inspired villan of the story, but it was just to trek the story around the universe which they could have done better. It all seems like just a rushed experiment of the series that they could have made in so many ways its not completly solid. Just not completely enjoyable for some parts and it really need refinement.
  • Its not as bad as everyone says

    Dragonball was a close series to my heart along with the better known series Dragonball Z, when i caught on that they were making a new the first episode happened,which heavily lowered my watching the entire series start to finish its certainly not as good as Z but its still not as bad as everyone says it Pan is a annoying ***muffin but having one bad character on a show doesnt ruin the entire you still hated it remember,it brought us the Super Saiyan 4 transformation (the fighting game fans know what im talking about). Overalldid tie up alot of loose ends such as Android #17 walking around at the end of the Buu saga, and what did Goku do with show still wo came if it ended with Z but overall GT wasnt the worst but not the best
  • The great demise

    Pan holds a special place in my heart. Whenever a woman in my life is acting nutty, I compare her to Pan. And in the end, no real person could act like such a terrible C**T,(starts off like Cat ends like rUNT). Anything good in the GT era of Dragon Ball was overshadowed by Pans awful screen presence. As a reference I give all other DB tv series a 10 / 10. GT gets a 2

    That's all folks.
  • Good and bad.

    When I first watched Dragon Ball Z, it was when Dragon Ball Kai came out. I thought it was amazing! Then GT came along... I thought it was ok, but I never watched too much of it. I'll start off with the good things: First off, Pan was a fresh addition to the show's story. She had a minor role in the original series, but that was toward the end of DBZ. Second, the Shadow Dragon saga was AMAZING! It starts when Goku, Pan, and the others attempt to use the Dragon balls. As it turns out, the Dragon balls build up dark energy after each use, and the only thing to get rid of it is time. The dragon balls soon burst, releasing the shadow dragons. ~Now, onto the bad things: Goku is turned back into a kid. This was done to recapture the adventure of Dragon Ball, but does not work, as at that time, nobody was that strong yet. Next, Super Saiyan 4's. If Goku turns into a great ape, his clothes tear off under size pressure. So, it makes no sense that he has pants, shoes, and even wristbands. It would be ok to leave the clothes off, as the fur would cover any spots that they were against showing on public TV. And how does the Blutz wave machine affect Vegeta if he doesn't even have a tail to absorb them with? And yes, they have black hair. That is due to the form being the closest form to the base state, therefore giving them their base state hair. Does that mean Gogeta has red hair in his base form? Next, other characters. Most characters are HELPLESS in GT, specifically Goten and Trunks. They don't fight anymore and barely hold their own anyway. So in conclusion, GT is a great Sequel to an amazing anime series. Keep up the good work, Toei!!
  • Dragonball Z's (non-canon) sequel is the "Grand Tour".

    DBGT is the sequel to DBZ where Goku is turned back into a kid by his old foe, Emperor Pilaf, who accidentally wished for it on the Black Star Dragonballs. Goku sets off to collect them through out the galaxy with the help of Trunks and Pan (his granddaughter). The Big villains of this short series are Baby, Super 17 & the Shadow Dragons. Admittedly, DBGT is my least favorite of the trilogy, however I still like watching it for fun (I can ignore the plot holes & contradicting points); not to mention there are some pretty awesome events in the show (IE: SS4 Gogeta). All-in-all, I recommend this show only to those who are really willing to give it a try or those who can see past its flaws.
  • How is Goku brought back the second time

    If Dragon Ball GT is the continuation of Dragon Ball Z Kai, and at the end of the series Dragon Ball Z Kai Goku was in other world and not able to be brought back by the dragon balls, how was Goku brought back to life? Did I not see one of the movies that they made, this has been bothering me for a while, does anyone know?
  • horrible

    Dragon Ball GT is the continuation of Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball.

    Goku is accidentally wished back into his child form thanks to Pilaf trying to use the Black Star Dragon Balls. Now he, along with a grown up Trunks and his granddaughter Pan, must travel the universe to search for these Black Star Dragon Balls and return them to the Earth within one year, or the Earth will be destroyed. Of course it's not going to be easy, but with the help of a robotic friend named Giru they're sure to succeed. The bigger question is what new dangers will await our heroes in space and when they return to Earth? i'll just state the problems.
    1.gokus' a kid
    2.pan is a idiot
    3.the z warriors are useless(gohan,trunks,goten and others are weak.
    4.villians are crap
    5.plot holes
    6.fights are crap
    7.artwork is crap
    8.story and logic is crap
    9.characters from dbz are too old.
    10.barely any vegeta and piccolo.
    11.krillin looks like he is master roshis grandfather.
  • It should have ended with Dragonball Z.


    I was very disappointed with Dragonball GT. Aside from the terrible animation, I was not at all happy with what they did with the characters. They shoved aside all the characters, all the important and main characters from DBZ and put the focus on only Goku and Pan. Sure, Trunks was given a bit of focus in the first season, seeing as he was the one who traveled with Pan and Goku to search for the black star dragon balls, but after that season? Nope.

    I dislike many things about GT, like how Uub was supposed to be the new guardian, the new top fighter, as said in DBZ, but in GT, it was back to Goku again. I dislike what they did to all the main characters.

    GT just wasn't enjoyable to me.

  • Dragonball GT is a show that should've never been brought into existence.

    Dragonball GT did nothing for me aside from wasting my time. The show starts with Emperor Pilaf accidentally wishing for Goku to be a kid again after summoning a new eternal dragon with the black star dragonballs. Then Goku learns that the planet on which a wish is made on the black star dragonballs will be destroyed after one year, unless gathered back from the portions of the universe they were scattered to. This starts the terrible Black Star Dragonball Saga, or the "Lost Episodes". The episodes mainly contain rip-off storylines of classic Dragonball episodes made much worse, along with pointless filler of Goku, Pan, and Trunks walking around trying to find dragonballs they could find by just destroying everything around them. Of course, we're supposed to forget Goku has the power to destroy planets with one freaking blast. And it doesn't stop there. The next part, the Baby Saga, is nothing more than a Dragonball Z ripoff made hundreds of times worse. The Super 17 saga was slightly interesting, but it only lasted six episodes and made the long fights with Frieza and Cell from way back seem pointless after Goku simply freezes them with a machine to defeat them. Then the Shadow Dragon Saga pretty much repeats what happened at the end of the Buu saga, with Goku and Vegeta fusing, becoming cocky and not finishing the Omega Dragon before separating, and then finally destroying the Omega Dragon with the spirit bomb(hmm, sound familiar?). This show is filled with constant plotholes. Gohan and Trunks are turned into complete nerds, and the only sidekick focused on is Pan, one of the most annoying characters in the history of television, period. Not to mention the next level of super saiyan is accomplished in ridiculous fashion and puts the epic scenes of the other super saiyan acensions to shame. Aside from Goku and Pan, every other character is made into embarassments, including Vegeta who actually uses science to reach Super Saiyan 4, which would make no sense given his prideful character. So it's best to assume this show never existed. It only ruins the great storylines that built up the first two Dragonball series and offers hours of boredom worse than watching paint dry.
  • DBZ is alot better!

    This show is not as good as Dragon Ball and Dragonball Z. Perhaps this show sucked because the head creator Akira Toriyama stopped becoming the story writer. He just drew the animation he wasn't at all involved with the scripts. I guess that wasn't a good idea, they took a lot of characters in the show to put room for Pan. I think this show would have been alot better if they made the Z Fighter have bigger roles. I mean come on! They are all weak! There are a bunch of plot holes. If you are a true DBZ fan you would not watch this series.
  • The weakest Dragon Ball series, but that doesn't mean it's bad.

    I have read so many negative reviews and comments towards Dragon Ball GT, I recently finished the series, and while I do think it's the weakest series in the franchise, it's not as bad as many people say. The series initially focuses on Goku, who has been turned into a kid again, Trunks and Pan. Interesting choice of characters, however in the Baby Saga, the other characters get much bigger roles and the trio of Goku, Trunks and Pan is ditched altogether, though Goku and Pan teams up in the final saga. The animation is probably the best in any series and some action scenes are terrific, however they never reach the levels of Dragon Ball Z's best fights, they're just too brief, I mean, they spend a lot of time battling a villain, but it's done slowly and there's the usual amount of back and forth while trashtalking to make the major confrontations fill multiple episodes. The villains, I would say that Baby is the only great villain in this series, some of the ones after him are okay, the ones previous to him are really lame, but then again, those episodes focus more on adventure and comedy.

    The characters, Goku is Goku, Trunks is spectacularly useless in this series and Pan, I like her, I know many people hate her due to her attitude and constant whining and crying, but I think she's cool. The characters look fine, however Vegeta looks weird with a mustache, good thing he shaves it off fairly soon, Krillin is probably the most laughable in terms of design, he looks like he's older than Master Roshi. Chi Chi is really pathetic here, she's a crazy old lady who embarrass herself constantly, Videl hardly does anything, and Bulma creates some useful machinery. The comedy is not as great as previously, however some moments did make me laugh. The final episode is...decent, I don't think it's all that great. Since this is largely considered non-canon, it makes it easier to watch so that when the more dumb moments occur, you can sort of, you know, not care about it. Dragon Ball GT is a good series, the other ones are better, but even so, it's not a bad outing.
  • Not as good as Dragon Ball Z, but hey, nothing is perfect.

    The final installation of the DragonBall trilogy. Though it did have a combination of the other 2, as well as a new Super Saiyan form, it still wasn't very popular. But like I said, nothing is perfect.

    GT takes place 10 years after Goku trained Uub. Thanks to Emperor Pilaf (enemy in DragonBall), Goku has been wished back into a boy "by accident" by the Black Star Dragonballs. Now the balls have scattered all across the galaxy and if they aren't returned to Earth in 1 year, the planet will explode. Just like its other prodogies, that set off a series of events that ultimately landed the DragonBall franchise to glory.

    Like my DBZ rating, this is for Japan's version ONLY since you know my personal views on Funimation.

    As mentioned it has a new Super Saiyan form, No.4. Completely different in physical and mental appearance to me.

    Though this show may lack the hype Dragon Ball Z had, it's still a pretty decent anime. Give it a try. It won't hurt.
  • An unfortunately under-appreciated end to the Dragon Ball series

    The Dragon Ball universe has always garnered a huge amount of fans. However, these fans have always preferred DB and DBZ to DBGT. Why? Because it isn't based on the original manga. This strange instance of fanboyism is so severe that I can't do anything but shake my head.

    To start with, I, unlike the other fanboys and partisans who consider Akira Toriyama to be the supreme Saiyan of the universe, do not consider the manga superior to the anime. I've expressed this view before, so please don't start a forum dedicating to badmouth me off.

    DBGT is a series whose flaws can solely be attributed to the Jap audience. There was so much opposition to the mere idea of a Dragon Ball series not based off the manga that GT started going downhill even before it was released.

    GT starts a lot like DB, with Goku going along with an annoying girl and the son of the previous annoying girl. In a unique twist, however, Goku is back as a child. The creators must have wanted the DB fans to feel comfortable with GT. However, there is considerably less fan service as compared to DB, which is why GT saw a decline in ratings, forcing Toei to switch the series' focus to action. This was actually a very good move.

    To start with, if you liked the frentic action of punches-moving-so-fast-we can't-see-them DBZ, you will have to adjust your preferences a little. GT tries to give focus to each punch. This isn't a bad move, but another excuse was given to GT haters to banish it to eternal hell.

    The series has many high points. For example, SSJ4 is an extremely cool transformation (unlike the unfortunate SSJ3, which never showed any results). The Super 17 saga was extremely cool, though unbearably short, and the Shadow Dragon helped clarify a previously unmentioned plothole (remember how the Elder Kai was against the excessive usage of Dragon Balls?). By far the most effective way to end Dragon Ball.

    However, there are some faults. There are many plot-holes which are glaringly visible. Also, the downgrading of Gohan to a minor character is, by far, the most idiotic choice they did.

    The bottom-line is that DBGT is a very good anime that shouldn't be tainted by the millions of partial reviews. At least give DBGT a try. You might be surprised.
  • Not that good,not that bad

    Dragon ball GT is a sequel for dragon ball Z saga,which wasn't complete yet.
    In this saga trunks,pan and goku goes to universe to find more dragon balls,they find a robot called giu and then begins the story.
    I see people saying this is the worst anime ever made,but they're wrong,of course this show sucks compared to original,but it has his moments.

    What i disliked:
    Pan is cute but annoying
    Baby is a crappy copy of majin buu
    The dragons saga was enjoyable but very nonsense and the li shenron wasn't very cool
    Super 17 saga was very very short..
    Giu giu giu!Damn i hate this robot -_-
    They destroyed good characters like gohan,goten,trunks,cell,frieza,bulma,kuririn..and what's with turning goku a kid again?
    At least vegeta doesn't changed it all,well he never does =D
    Big bang kamehameha,dude..what the hell was that?Wind attack?Come on this is not pokemon.

    What i liked:
    Super saiyans 4,gogeta ssj 4
    The scene when goku sends baby to sun with a kamehameha.
    The whole episode when piccolo sacrifice himself,it was very good writted and animated,it was the best episode in GT saga.

    But what i've like more was the ending,this "awful"show just did one thing dragon ball Z couldn't did: Ends this show.
  • Goku, Trunks, and Pan attempt to recover the Black-Star Dragonballs before the earth explodes.

    I never bothered watching DBGT after DBZ as a child because 1.) it wasn't really available back when I watched DBZ and 2.) because every review I had ever read about it was absolutely terrible. Everyone, apparently, hated it. Fast forward about ten years.

    So I just picked up the first season of DBGT and I'm nearly done with it. I have to say: I don't get what's so bad. From an artistic standpoint, this show looks WAY better than DBZ. I'm not talking character design, I'm talking about the way the whole show looks. In terms of character design, yeah Trunks did look cooler in DBZ and having Goku be a kid again was kind of an odd move, BUT REALLY... it's not THAT bad. I actually rather like GT Goku (honestly, where you not getting bored of orange jumpsuits?). Pan is a woman and women get what they want. End of story. Giro is the only character that I've got mixed feelings about. I don't love him... but I don't hate him. He's just there. People have compared Giro's annoyingness to Scrappy-doo. My response: nothing is as annoying as Scrappy-doo.

    DBZ had absolutely no story. It literally was this: guy stronger than heros appears, heros get stronger, heros win, guy stronger than heros appears, heros get stronger, heros win, guy stronger than heros appears, heros get stronger, heros win. You get the point. It was just mindless violence, and that's why I think DBZ fans hate DBGT so much. DBGT has less fighting, more story. Granted, the mindless violence in DBZ was cool. I just don't think moving away from it was such a bad thing.

    Bottom line: It's not so bad. The art in GT is steps above DBZ, AND there's actually a story.
  • This show is unfortunately underappreciated.

    Ok, I'll start by saying that there is nothing seriously wrong with this show, people state that it sucks but there making the mistake of comparing it to the other two series, which they shouldn't be. After 450 or so episodes you have to allow for that fact that it won't be as glorious as the first too, that's what I did and I really enjoyed it.

    There are three things with GT that I don't agree on, first is how the developers treated Gohan, I mean cmon, we all love to see gohan fight like he did against cell, and then in his mystic form against Boo. But in GT, not only was he barely in it, but they made his power level approximately equal go Goten, which is just stupid. Also pan was was a pretty annoying character, all she did was insult and talk down to Goku, and with all the things he has done in his life he shouldn't have to take that from a cheeky little girl. Last thing is Lord Luud was pretty lame.

    The developers did a very good job at designing the new enemies, Baby was entertaining, Super17 was fantastic (Saga was a little to short) and Omega was awesome, it couldn't have ended it with a better saga, I mean, it started with the dragon balls and ended with them. Also the SSJ4 transformation was excellent, reverting back to the original monkey form. Anyway despite what people say GT is worth watching. Ledgic rocks!
  • Dragonball GT.

    At first i thought that GT was purely fan made, but later on i searched in Wikipedia and Google and i found that some people say Akira wasn't involved in the making of GT but others say he did.The storyline was great, but the villains were a little ruff around the edge.And it was sad that Piccolo-san had to die and go to hell, and not heaven.If Dragonball AF really is made into an anime and not just some fan made manga, Goku will really become Super Saya-jin 5,Piccolo-san will be reborn, but as for the other characters i don't know.It's a great show.
  • Following up proberly the best anime ever is never an easy task. Why did they even bother? Why would you make a series without the creator of dragon ball and dragon ball z.........

    Following up proberly the best anime ever is never an easy task. Why did they even bother? Why would you make a series without the creator of dragon ball and dragon ball z? Was it for the ratings? What is to show us that the dragon ball z heroes turn into to idiots? Was it to replace goku with a girl named pan who need her grandfather goku and hercule to protect her? Or was it to show us what life is like when you turn piccolo into a crazy old man who would die rather than to get off a planet for a while that will get wished back? The people that bother reading this review sould know that gt was a bad idea. Lets stop it at their...............
  • The third chapter of the Dragon Ball Series

    Dragon Ball GT was the third, and final chapter of the Dragon Ball Saga. DBGT was the first of the series to not be accompanied by a manga. It also switched from a fighting anime to comedy.

    The main story of GT centers around Goku, who has been turned into a child, by a wish from his old nemesis Pilaf.
    Pilaf makes his wish using the Black star dragon balls, but what they don't realize is when you make using them you have one year to find them, or the planet the wish came from will blow-up.

    Goku and his friends must now start their journey to find the Black Star Dragon Balls.
  • it sucked

    This show had so many plotholes the sayians had different hair pan couldnt go super but goku jr could. The black star balls came out of nowhere. Goku was a kid. They tried to combine db and dbz and fialed in every way. The cut tien and yamcha out completly. The barely used piccolo and krillin and piccolo stayed in hell. The lost epsidoes shouldn't of been found. bebi sucked . super 17 was pointless. Shadow dragon saga was the best one. Pan was annoying and everyone but goku and vegeta were useless this brought the series down. I only gave it a 6 because it had the same voices and was called dragonball.
  • RUNNING OUT OF TIME I DONT HAVE TIME FOR A SUMMARY-bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeooooooooookkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    why did dragon ball gt had to leave i hope they bring it back i also they should bring dragon ballz and dragon ball and dr.slump i dont know why akira toriyama had to stop making this good and funny shows he is a great author and i know he has a good reason of why he took this showa from us and if any one knows if its comming back tell me beacause i want to see them i really hope the will come back because they are cool i wonder why he dosent make the show on tv but he still makes the video games.
  • DBZ is better. but this was an Ok show.

    Ok, alot of people say that this show sucks, but i find it a decent show. When Dragonball Z ended i wanted to see what would happen next. I mean DBZ ended with goku going to train uub but then the show ends.


    When i found out that it wasent created by the actual creators i was preety pissed.

    I consider this show a Fan-Made because of this.

    So lets review:

    Theres 4 sagas of this show. Plus a lost episode saga.

    Blackstar dragonball saga- an ok saga. i like the battle between Goku and General rildo because too me it felted like DBZ. No ssj4, perfect.

    Bebi saga- hated the saga. SSJ4 Dosent even look like a saiyan. Bebi was annoying. well i just saw the English Dub so i dont know if ill like the sub version

    Super 17 saga- Best saga in DBGT. Atleast goku dident go SSJ4 right in the beggining of the battle.

    Dragon saga- Worst saga EVER! Too much talk, Omega shenron was so annoying. And goku kept on going SSJ4 every second. he dident even bother going SSJ1 or somthing

    Lost episode saga- Hated it. Another thing in Pan. In the last ep of DBZ she was sweet and kind. Now she turned to a *itch. (Sorry just had to be said) and GT trunks is too weak for the series
  • Could do better!

    it could have done better I thought dragonball Z was alot bewtter but still i'm giving GT a 10/10 the reason I have doubts about GT mostly is because it was the show that ended dragonball, dragonball Z and dragonball GT but none the less still a good show I hated the last episode because it was the show that ended the 3 of the best shows on earth morale is I wish dragonball Z was still on but as I say all good things must come to an end and so did all the good shows all I have is memorys and dvds now!
  • 2.8
    Dragon ball gt what do you think about it? Hmmm a great show because its made after Dragon ball Z, well you're wrong it may have action but there is no other main character other than goku which they try to make a bad copy of original dragon ball. I took intrest in the baby saga due to the new villain power but other than that its all boring. The storyline is messed up because the blackstar dragonball came out of nowhere and pilaf came out of nowhere too and they call that an explanation to the stroy of dr.Myuu (why dont he just steal the namek dragonball?)is a very bad start and is not reccommended if you like Dragon ball Z dont let this ruin it for you
  • DB GT had its ups and downs.

    Dragonball GT was an decent series,but not as good as Dragonball Z the series before it. I watched most of the Dragonball GT episodes. There were parts I liked and parts I didn't like. First off I liked how they made Goku little again. I thought it was pretty cool for a child to kick grown ups butts. I liked every saga in Dragonball GT. I enjoyed Goku going Super Saiyan 4. There was also parts that I didn't like. First off having Gohan be a complete nerd was the worst idea of the show. I don't know how anyone could make an important hero of the Dragonball Z turn into that. It made me sick to my stomach seeing my favorite character get treated like that. Also I didn't like how it ended. I think the series could've went on longer then that. In the end I would recommend this series to anyone who liked Z,but be prepared for some major differences between the two.
  • Not for someone who wants a show that stays true to whats established in DBZ or DB. But if you don't care for that and just want a show thats entertaining with similar characters, then it's for you!

    Dragonball GT is, at best, a rushed over series. The characters, whilst retaining some characteristics, are different from the what they were in DBZ. From a pure entertaining perspective, the fighting scenes are on par, if not better then it's predecessors, and its humor has gone back to a Dragonball like style. But, it doesn't keep with any sort of canonical facts that were set up by it's predecessors, and it seems like all these were simply forgotten to make Goku the one and only star once again. Fans of Gohan, Vegeta, Piccolo and Goten will be very dissapointed at how little screentime these guys get. Infact Goku fanboys themselves may be dissapointed because, simply, this isn't DBZ Goku that we see here. I would recommend the series to someone ho perhaps wasnt looking to get to deep into character development, but just to watch some pretty cool fighting and funny bits in between. It is a somewhat hybrid of Dragonballs light heartedness, and Dragonball Z's fighting scenes, though, it's predecessors did each better.
  • Not as good as DragonBall Z or Dragon Ball Z but its not terrible

    Like my classification DragonBall GT is mildy intresting its not as good as DragonBall Z or Dragon Ball. But it is not as bad as some fans act like it is. While I would watch DragonBall Z or Dragon Ball over GT. GT still had some good parts in it like you get to see past DBZ and DB characters in GT. Like Freeza,Cell and Emperor Pilaf. The one person in GT that would have never brought would be Pan. Its not that I hate Pan its that she was such a brat. Maybe if she wasnt such a brat I wouldn't mind her as much. My favorite GT saga was the Baby saga the other ones I thought were ok. But I will rate DragonBall GT a 7.7.
  • very good!!!!!!!!!!

    very good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Goku is the son of Bardok. He is married to Chi-Chi. He has an evil brother called Radditz. His mother is unknown. He has 2 sons, Gohan and Goten. He has a granddaughter called Pan and a great great grandson called Goku. His real name is Kakkarot.


    Just before Planet Vegeta exploded, Goku was sent to earth to destroy it. His spaceship was almost shot down by Frieza's brother Kooler. He made it to earth safe and his programming started to take effect. He became destructive and violent until he fell off a mountain and hit his head. This wiped his memory and programming. He was found by an old man called Gohan, who took him in and taught him to be good and trained him. He gave him the 4 star dragonball and the Nioyboi stick. One night, on the full moon, even though he was warned not to, Goku looked at the moon and turned into an Ozarru. He accidently stepped on and killed Gohan. After that, he lived on his own. That was until he met Bulma...

    Signature Moves

    Kaioken X2, X3, X4, X5, X10, X20.


    Spirit Bomb

    Instant Transmition

    Super Saijan/2/3/4

    Golden and Normal Ozarru

    Major Enemies Defeated

    DB-Emperor Pilof, Red Ribbon Army and the assasin, King Picollo and his instrumental henchmen.

    DBZ-Raditz, Nappa, Vegeta, Recoom, Ginyu, Freiza, Mecha and normal Kooler, Brolli, The Androids (not 16,17, or 18), Cell, Buu, Janenba, Uub.

    DBGT- Baby, Super Android 17, The 7 Evil Shenlons.
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