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  • Good and bad.

    When I first watched Dragon Ball Z, it was when Dragon Ball Kai came out. I thought it was amazing! Then GT came along... I thought it was ok, but I never watched too much of it. I'll start off with the good things: First off, Pan was a fresh addition to the show's story. She had a minor role in the original series, but that was toward the end of DBZ. Second, the Shadow Dragon saga was AMAZING! It starts when Goku, Pan, and the others attempt to use the Dragon balls. As it turns out, the Dragon balls build up dark energy after each use, and the only thing to get rid of it is time. The dragon balls soon burst, releasing the shadow dragons. ~Now, onto the bad things: Goku is turned back into a kid. This was done to recapture the adventure of Dragon Ball, but does not work, as at that time, nobody was that strong yet. Next, Super Saiyan 4's. If Goku turns into a great ape, his clothes tear off under size pressure. So, it makes no sense that he has pants, shoes, and even wristbands. It would be ok to leave the clothes off, as the fur would cover any spots that they were against showing on public TV. And how does the Blutz wave machine affect Vegeta if he doesn't even have a tail to absorb them with? And yes, they have black hair. That is due to the form being the closest form to the base state, therefore giving them their base state hair. Does that mean Gogeta has red hair in his base form? Next, other characters. Most characters are HELPLESS in GT, specifically Goten and Trunks. They don't fight anymore and barely hold their own anyway. So in conclusion, GT is a great Sequel to an amazing anime series. Keep up the good work, Toei!!