Dragon Ball GT

Season 3 Episode 3

The Resurrection of Cell and Frieza

Aired Weekdays 10:30 PM Jul 24, 2004 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

The episode begins in HFIL with Goku staring down Cell and Frieza. Frieza claims that Goku is now cute, but Goku isn't worried because he's stronger than ever. The HFIL guards decide to run because they are afraid of battle. Frieza and Cell promise Goku that he'll be leaving in pieces, but Goku isn't impressed, so he powers up and actually shakes King Yemma's place and makes Cell and Frieza briefly afraid, but they stop being afraid when they realize Goku can't fully control his strength.

The fighting begins in HFIL and on Earth. Majuub, Goten, and Trunks decide to fight the Saibamen, Gohan prepares to fight Rilldon, and Vegeta fights Nappa.

Down in HFIL Frieza and Cell begin using tricks from the Z fighters, so Goku makes fun of them and uses Frieza's destructor disk like a surfboard. He then gets some stalactites from HFIL's walls and turns them into a shield of sort. He bats every attack they send at him away, or else he turns there own attacks against them. It appears that he kills both Frieza and Cell, but Cell regenerates and forms Goku that they are immortal in HFIL.

Back on Earth Frieza points out that Nappa isn't any smarter, and he defeats Nappa with one blow, but the two doctors arrive with there HFIL 17 ready to fight. Vegeta realizes this 17 is stronger, but he's not impressed.

In another part of the city Trunks, Goten, and Majuub finish off the Saibamen, but Rilldo manages to turn Gohan's arm into stone causing some damage.

Down in HFIL Cell uses a solar flare to trap Goku, and then he sucks him up through his tail. Cell fills he's now invincible, but Goku surprises him by climbing right back out of the tail. Goku claims he had the better strategy, and that's why he's winning, but Frieza comes up on the other side, and they use the Almighty Light Cage to trap Goku in a cage. Then they use the cage to push him to the torture area of HFIL.

The torture area is run by an old woman, and she makes Goku think she's a little kid until she shows him her face. She then tells Goku to use the spa and bath at his leisure. He accepts, but the spa turns into a boiling cauldron. Goku finds out he's on the torture tour. The first one is the boiling cauldron torture. Secondly Goku must endure the tickle torture. Third he must endure the scalding sauna torture, and it's guaranteed to make one sweat. Finally Goku is given the Strangling ice torture. The ice strangles Goku's body and makes him immobile. Cell and Frieza come down and reveal that the ice will remain that way for 20 years.

On Earth, 17 contacts 17 and asks him why he hasn't come to merge yet. He then attacks people in the city. 18 confronts him and asks why he's killing everything all of the sudden. Instead of answering her, he invites her to join them and tries to hypnotize 18.

As the episode ends we see Gohan's having problems with Rilldo, Vegeta's having problems with 17, and the rest of the Z fighters are still killing Saibamen. Will 18 be able to overcome 17's mind control, and can Goku escape his icy prison? Find out on the next GT.