Dragon Ball GT

Season 3 Episode 11

The Six-Star Dragon

Aired Weekdays 10:30 PM Oct 23, 2004 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • Ryuu has Goku pinned on the cliff with 'Tornado of Death' but after she's hit by the seagull she calls the same move the 'Whirlwind Spin'.

  • Quotes

    • Goku: What wish brought you to life?
      Ryuu Shenron: It was---it was---A PAIR OF PANTIES.
      (Flashback of that wish occurs)
      Pan: (dumbfounded) A pair---of panties?
      Goku: Oh yeah. The very first wish. I remember that.
      Pan: Grandpa, what did you do?

    • Pan: Now what were you going to say before?
      Goku: Oh, I don't really mind fighting naked.
      Pan: Not that!

    • Ryuu Shenron: Look st him! He's no match for me!

    • Goku: You know, for a girl you're pretty tough!
      Ryuu Shenron: Well this girls, much stronger than you are!

    • Oceanus: That...stupid...pig. It was the pair of underwear!
      Goku: That really was a stupid wish!

    • Goku: This is incredible!I've never seen so many fish.
      Pan: Ugh.The smell is making me sick.

  • Notes

    • On the Japaneses version only, Ox-King makes a total of four appearances in GT not counting any flashbacks. He appears on the episode "Collaspe Within" standing in line to get on Bebi's ship, he appears on the episode "Piccolo's Decision", he appears on the 3rd DBGT ending credits, and finally in the fourth ending GT credits. He makes more appearances than Yajirobe in this series.

    • In the Japaneses version, this episode begins the 4th ending called "Sabitsuita Machine Gun de Ima o Uchinukou", which shows all the forms of Goku. Characters featured in ending are: Popo, Piccolo, and Dende, Vegeta's family(including Bra), Giru, Krillin's whole family, Uub, Buu, Hercule, and Goku's entire family(including Ox-King). All are seen standing in the background. This is the last time Bulla and GT Ox-King appear in the series, if you have the Japaneses version. Flash backs don't count.

    • First aired on YTV March 25, 2005.

    • Oceanis Shenron's debut in both Princess Oto and dragon forms.

    • Shadow Dragon Bio- Oceanus Shenron- The six-star dragon of water/wind. Takes the form of a beautiful women named Princess Oto, the true form is a buky blue dragon. The oldest of the Shadow Dragons, since he/she was born from the first wish ever, Oolong's underwear.

    • The dragon's name was originally Liuxinglong, Mandarin Chinese for "six-star dragon".

    • Oceanus' Attacks: Twister of Fury, Tornado of Death and Whirlwind Spin Attack.

    • Blue Water title: Pan and Goku vs. The Evil Princess Otto

    • Pan, Goku and Trunks all did the Kamehameha wave together to provide additional thrust to escape a star's gravity well earlier in the series

    • The six-star dragon's real name (given on the show) is 'Ryu-Shenron' (pronounced Ree-oo).

    • Pan does the Kamehameha for the first time.

    • When Goku is cooking the fish, he is humming the theme of Dragon Ball.

    • Oceanus Shenron aka Princess Oto, was created when Oolong wished for Bulma's panties in Dragon Ball.

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