Dragon Ball

Season 8 Episode 1

A Horrible Plot

Aired Daily 8:00 PM Jun 05, 2004 on YTV
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A Horrible Plot
Kame, Yamcha, Bulma, Tienshinhan, Chaozu, Lunch (evil form), Puar, and Oolong rush into the Tenkaichi Budokai, finding Goku with the dead Kuririn. Yamcha asks what happened, and Goku tells them all that Kuririn is dead. Everyone is shocked, scared, and saddened. On the ground, the weakened announcer explains that a monster came in, killed Kuririn, and stole a strange ball and the tournament registry. They are all saddened by Kuririn's death. Goku is enraged, and grabs Nyoibo (his staff). He grabs the Dragon Radar from Bulma, and rushes off. KameSennin yells for Goku to stop, but it fails. As Goku runs he has some memories of Kuririn (when they first met, their training together, and their recent fight in the Tenkaichi Budokai). He leaps down a ledge, and checks the Dragon Radar, rushing off once again. Umigame (the sea turtle) is exhausted, and reaches the tournament room, asking everyone what happened. KameSennin: "Goku, you fool! You won't be able to kill a monster that got Kuririn so easily! Especially since you're so tired from the tournament!" Tenshinhan picks up the dead Kuririn, closing the corpse's eyes. Chaozu wonders who could have done this. Oolong finds a sheet of paper on the ground, and hands it to Bulma. Bulma reads the symbol on the paper, which means "demon." KameSennin is shocked, and he grabs the paper. KameSennin: "It can't be! This was the work of Piccolo Daimaoh!!" The others are confused, while Lunch comments on the stupid name. Tenshinhan recognizes the name, and says Piccolo Daimaoh was the demon who brought terror to the Earth long ago. KameSennin agrees, and... *Flashback* Many demonic minions of Piccolo were destroying a city. One demon attacked a girl, but a man hit him on the head with a streetlight from behind, not having any effect. The demon grabbed the man by the head. Many soldiers shot at another demon, to no effect. The demon flew at the soldiers, and a huge explosion killed them all. Many tanks shot at the demons, so the demons all fired Mouth Blasts, destroying them. The demons continued their destruction. They soon attacked KameSennin's martial arts school, killing many monks in the process. The young KameSennin and TsuruSennin fought back against the demons. They eventually destroyed the demons with strong, KameHameHa-like blasts. Piccolo Daimaoh himself floated in, and fired a blast from his finger, sending them crashing into a building. *End Flashback* KameSennin says they were no match for Piccolo, even with Mutaito-sama's help. Bulma asks who that is, and KameSennin tells her it was his martial arts teacher. *Another Flashback* Mutaito-sama stood before Piccolo Daimaoh. Mutaito asked why Piccolo keeps attacking, and Piccolo replied that he wanted to show the world his great power. Piccolo fired a Finger Blast, hitting Mutaito. Mutaito lunged at Piccolo, but got hit by a large barrage of Finger Blasts, as KameSennin and TsuruSennin watched in horror. Mutaito was given the final blast, resulting in a large explosion. Later, he recovered in bed, which made KameSennin and TsuruSennin happy. Mutaito, with his wounds not fully healed, walked away, vowing to return some day. *End Flashbackmoreless

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