Dragon Ball Z

Season 2 Episode 4

A Friendly Surprise

Aired Weekdays 10:30 PM Unknown on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • If those alien guys really read Bulma's mind, then how come they can't figure out the password to open the spaceship?

    • This episode originally aired on Wednesday, April 11, 1990 in Japan with the title: The Dragonballs are All Found! Piccolo-san Will Also Come Back to Life

      From the original manga by Akira Toriyama, this episode contains:
      Tale 52 - The Return of Vegeta

      The title of the original English dubbed version of this episode is: Who's Who?!

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    • Recap
      Narrator: Last time, on Dragon Ball Z! Along with the discovery of one of the Dragon Balls within a Namekian tomb, Gohan successfully pulled another from the depths of a flesh-eating swamp.
      Krillin: "Gohan!"
      Bulma: "Are you okay?"
      Gohan: "Look what I got!"
      Narrator: And although our friends have pulled themselves out of plenty dangerous situations before, the worst may still lie ohead of them!
      Subordinate: "You are fully healed now. You may open your eyes. Unforunately, we weren't successful in recconstructing your tail."
      Vegeta: "No matter... I don't need it."
      Narrator: It seems the prince is back and ready for battle... But are Goku and the gang ready for the rebirth of Vegeta? Fiind out today on Dragon Ball Z!

    • Closing
      Narrator: Is this really Planet Namek? What could havve changed this beautiful place into such a nightmarish land? Vegeta, speeding toward the planet searching for Frieza, will find meuch more than he bargained for when he reaches the surface. And what about Goku? Will he come to in time to help straighten out this mess? For the answers to all of your questions, tune in to the next exciting adventure of Dragon Ball Z!
      Zaacro and Raiti: (Laugh)

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