Dragon Ball Z

Season 2 Episode 6

Frieza Strikes!

Aired Weekdays 10:30 PM Unknown on Cartoon Network
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Frieza Strikes!
While Bulma, Krillin and Gohan discuss what to do next, Frieza sends two soldiers to inflitrate their ship. But Krillin and Gohan's combined might is too much for them to handle, and they are easily defeated. Meanwhile, on another part of the planet, Vegeta defeats his longtime enemy, Cui.moreless
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  • Cui Vs Vegeta

    Gohan and Krillin find themselves in a pinch over what to do about Vegeta. Meanwhile, Cui lands on Namek and heads in Vegeta's direction. Vegeta isn't the least bit worried. Frieza's soldiers, Zarbon and Dodoria, sense Vegeta's and Cui's presence. Frieza tells them to pay no attention to it since they are both stronger than both Vegeta and Cui.
  • one of the best

    this episode is one of the best. It incorporates my third most favorite character of all time, Cui. My first and second most favorites being Zarbon and Dodoria, Cui plays a particularly important role in this episode. Unaware of Vegeta's increase in power level, Cui battles Vegeta, and ends up getting killed. It's a great display of classic rivalry. Cui is an excellent character. For his short lifespan, he plays a very big role as Vegeta's archrival. And since I hate Vegeta, Cui was all the more enjoyable a character for me. Cui gains my respect as the third best character ever from all DBZ.moreless
  • Vegeta.

    I'm suprize when Vegeta Say: see you in Hell.

    this Uncut Episode Change EveryThing better than the Old Classic DBZ. I take a guess that was Cut in the Old Version. I wouder What will happend next in the Next Uncut Episode.

    Stay toon. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

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    • Cui: Wait! Hold on, Vegeta! I thought of a great idea! I could join forces with you! I never liked Frieza anyway! And with both of us working together, we could take Zarbon and Dodoria no problem! Think about it, Vegeta! We've fought so much that we know each other's moves like the back of our hands! We'd make a fantastic team!
      Vegeta: Stop blabbering like a pathetic fool, Cui! Your cowardice makes me sick!
      Cui: I'm not lying! Please, you've got to believe me, Vegeta! Hey! Look, it's Frieza!
      Vegeta: What?
      Cui: Idiot! He should have taken my advice back on Planet Frieza! I tried talking some sense into him, but oh well!
      Vegeta: Is that so? Apparently your idea of advice is submit to my adversary; you know I won't do that.
      Cui: How'd you escape that?
      Vegeta: Once again, you've underestimated your enemy, Cui, and you won't be walking away from this mistake!
      Cui: What?
      Vegeta: What happened to all that confidence you built up for yourself? It doesn't seem to be working anymore! (punches Cui) Goodbye! (destroys Cui) See you in hell, Cui.

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