Dragon Ball Z

Season 1 Episode 13

Goz and Mez (a.k.a. Journey to Hell)

Aired Weekdays 10:30 PM Unknown on Cartoon Network
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Goz and Mez (a.k.a. Journey to Hell)
After waking up dazed and disoriented, Goku sees a fruit tree. Not one to deny his appetite, Goku helps himself. But watching him are two giant ogres who want nothing more than to use the hero as a play toy! If Goku can defeat their challenges, the ogres vow to show him the way back to Snake Way. But can these two beasts be trusted?moreless

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  • Yeah Alternate Reality ....... Way Funny episode Goku who is crossing the snake way falls out and then ........

    Extremely Funny .....

    Goku Falls in the H.F.I.L whih is Home For Infinite Losers

    He is trapped and tries to find a way out...tries a kamehameha wave out but ends up getting a bump on the head....

    He is challenged by the somewhat managers of H.F.I.L

    to a catch one of the managers ........

    they try this for fun as they are extremely powerful and fast too .....

    but Goku proves better than the good ...He manages to catch him and they tell him the alternate way out....

    but he manages to catch a golden apple which gives huge energy......

    Then he continues on his journey to King Kai's Planet.....moreless
  • goku dies and falls of the road to king kais to train and has to get back on it from hell.

    i love this episode because of its stupidity. i mean a hero just sacrifised himself to save the earth and now has to go on a journey to someone who can teach him new skills and make him stronger when he falls off. he falls down into hell where he meets 2 devil like things. one stupid one very stupid. the first one trys to send him back up there with a big see saw and goku ends up smashing his head on the clouds. then he learns that the only way to get out is by winning a game of tag with a devil. very funny because the whole consept of going to hell and haveing to play tag for your freedom is so stupid. well written though.moreless
  • Another Great Episode

    Goku gets up and sees two demons observing him. He asks them which one of them is King Kai and they tell him that he is in Hell, and they are guard demons. He asks for some of the fruit, but they say he isn't allowed to have any since it belongs to King Yemma. The two demons step aside and talk about how long it had been since a dead person in a body had been there. They play a game Of Rock-Paper-Scissors to decide who will get to "play" with Goku first. The blue demon, Goz, wins and the red demon, Mez goes to do paperwork. . Meanwhile, Tienshinhan and Cioutzu climb Karin's tower and talk about what their training will be like. Below, Launch rummages through Bora's teepee, looking for an airplane capsule. Bora comes upon her and startles her. She asks if he has an airplane capsule, and he says that they don't have anything like that. She grabs a shotgun and points it at Bora. Bora's son, Upa, comes home and is shocked to see his father being held at gunpoint. Launch fires a shot at him, but he evades quickly. Bora snatches the gun and throws it toward Upa. He tries to restrain Launch, but she sneezes and transforms back into her good form.

  • Goku wakes up after falling off snakeway in a strange new place.

    Goku wakes up in HELL, in the edited version they call it HFIL(home for infinite losers). It is ran by 2 ogres Goz and Mez. Goku competes with them in order for them to tell Goku how to get back to snakeway. When Goku finaly leaves, he ends up coming out of King Yemma's desk. Now Goku has to start back at the beginning of snakeway again. He did manage to snatch a piece of special fruit while he was in HELL that gives him a big boost in energy.moreless

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